Reconnaissance mainly in the Portsmouth – Southampton area.

Night: Widespread attacks on industry and airfields from Lincolnshire to Portsmouth.

Weather: Rain in central and eastern England. Some cloud in the Channel and haze over Dover Straits.

Main Activity:

The Tuesday morning dawned dull and hazy, but no Luftflotte 2 major raids developed. The main effort was devoted to small attacks and photographic reconnaissance at very high altitude to assess the damage done to date.

Excerpt from The Narrow Margin by Derek Wood & Derek Dempster

German Losses
Airmen: 12 | Aircraft: 11

British Losses
Airmen: 4 | Aircraft: 7

Blenheim, No. 248 Squadron
P/O C.J. Arthur listed as missing.
Sgt. E.A. Ringwood listed as missing.
Sgt. R.C.R. Cox killed.
Crashed into the sea while on routine flight.

Hurricane N2336, No. 213 Squadron
Sub/Lt W.J.M. Moss listed as missing.
Believed lost control of his aircraft during patrol and crashed into sea.

Photo Description:

  1. The controlled detonation of a German bomb, which fell on the parade ground at RAF Hemswell, Lincolnshire, on 27 August 1940. The bomb did not explode, but buried itself deep in the ground where it was subsequently destroyed by the Station Armament Officer. © IWM (CH 1300)
  2. The remains of Heinkel He 111H-2 (Werke/Nr. 5367 V4+CD) of Stab III./KG 1, which crashed into houses at Manor Avenue in Caterham, Surrey on the night of 26/27 August 1940 after suffering a direct hit from anti-aircraft fire during a night mission to bomb factories in the Coventry area.