‘The Few’ were 2,353 young men from Great Britain and 574 from overseas, pilots and other aircrew, who are officially recognised as having taken part in the Battle of Britain. Each flew at least one authorised operational sortie with an eligible unit of the Royal Air Force or Fleet Air Arm during the period 10 July to 31 October 1940. 544 lost their lives during the period of the Battle, and these are marked by an asterisk. A further 791 were killed in action or died in the course of their duties before the wars end, which is also noted.

Adair Sergeant J JBritish213-151Killed
Adams Pilot Officer D ABritish611-41
Adams Pilot Officer H CBritish501Killed*
Adams Flight Lieutenant J SBritish29
Adams Sergeant R T British264Killed
Adams Sergeant E HBritish236
Addison Sergeant W NBritish23
Aeberhardt Pilot Officer R A CBritish19Killed*
Agazarian Pilot Officer le C British609Killed
Aindow Sergeant C RBritish23
Ainge Sergeant E DBritish23
Ainsworth Sergeant SBritish23
Aitken Sergeant ABritish219
Aitken Sergeant H ABritish54
Aitken Wing Commander M British601
Akroyd Pilot Officer H JBritish152Killed*
Albertini Sergeant A VBritish600
Aldous Pilot Officer E SBritish610-41Killed
Aldridge Pilot Officer F JBritish610-41
Aldridge Pilot Officer K R British32-501
Aldwingle Pilot Officer A J MBritish601
Alexander Pilot Officer J N E British151
Alexander Sergeant E ABritish236Killed
Allan Flying Officer H L New Zealander151Killed*
Allard Pilot Officer G British85Killed
Allcock Pilot Officer P O DBritish229Died
Allen Flying Officer J LBritish54Killed*
Allen Pilot Officer H RBritish66
Allen Sergeant J WBritish266
Allen Sergeant L HBritish141
Allen Sergeant K MBritish43-257-253
Allgood Sergeant H HBritish85-253Killed*
Allison Sergeant J WBritish611-41Killed
Allsop Squadron Leader H G LBritish66
Allton Sergeant L CBritish92Killed*
Ambrose Pilot Officer C FBritish46
Ambrose Pilot Officer RBritish25Killed
Ambrus Pilot Officer J KCzechoslovakian312
Anderson Pilot Officer P JBritish29
Anderson Sergeant D JBritish604
Anderson Squadron Leader MBritish604
Anderson Sergeant J ABritish253
Andreae Pilot Officer C J DBritish64Killed*
Andrew Sergeant SBritish46Killed*
Andrews Sergeant M RNew Zealander264
Andrews Pilot Officer S EBritish32-207Killed
Andrews Pilot Officer S EBritish257Killed
Andruszkow Sergeant TPolish303Killed*
Angus Sergeant R ABritish611-41Killed*
Angus Sergeant J G CBritish23
Appleby Pilot Officer M JBritish609
Appleford Pilot Officer N R LBritish66
Arber Sergeant I KBritish602Died
Arbon Pilot Officer P WBritish85
Arbuthnot Sergeant JBritish1-229Killed
Archer Sergeant H TBritish23Killed
Archer Sergeant SBritish236
Aries Pilot Officer E WBritish602
Armitage Flight Lieutenant D LBritish266
Armitage Sergeant J FBritish242Killed
Armstrong Pilot Officer WBritish54Died
Arnfield Sergeant S JNew Zealander610Died
Arthur Pilot Officer I RBritish141
Arthur Pilot Officer C JBritish248Killed*
Ash Flight Lieutenant R C V British264Killed*
Ashcroft Sergeant A EBritish141Killed
Ashfield Flying Officer GBritishFIUKilled
Ashton Flying Officer D GBritish266Killed*
Ashton Sergeant D KBritish32Killed
Ashworth Sergeant JBritish29
Aslett Sergeant A T RBritish235
Aslin Sergeant D JBritish257-32
Assheton Pilot Officer W RBritish222
Atkins Sergeant F P JBritish141Killed*
Atkinson Pilot Officer RBritish242Killed*
Atkinson Flight Lieutenant M RBritish43Killed
Atkinson Sergeant GBritish151Killed
Atkinson Pilot Officer H DBritish213Killed*
Atkinson Pilot Officer G BBritish248
Atkinson Pilot Officer RBritish111-213Killed*
Atkinson Pilot Officer A ABritish23Killed*
Austin Pilot Officer British151
Austin Sergeant A TBritish29
Austin Sergeant A LBritish604Killed*
Austin Flying Officer FBritish46Killed
Austin Sergeant SBritish219Killed
Ayers Sergeant D HBritish600-74Killed*
Ayling Sergeant C A HBritish43-66-421 FltKilled*
Babbage Sergeant C FBritish602
Bachmann Pilot Officer J HBritish145Killed
Bacon Pilot Officer C HBritish610Killed*
Baddeley Sergeant D HBritish25Killed
Bader Squadron Leader D R SBritish242
Badger Flight Sergeant I JBritish87
Badger Squadron Leader J V CBritish43Killed*
Bailey Pilot Officer C GBritish152
Bailey Sergeant G JBritish234-603
Bailey Pilot Officer J C L DBritish46Killed*
Bailey Pilot Officer J R ABritish264-85
Bailey Pilot Officer G GBritish56Killed
Bailey Pilot Officer H N DBritish54
Bailey Sergeant C British23
Baillon Pilot Officer P ABritish609Killed
Bain Pilot Officer G S PBritish111
Baines Squadron Leader C E JBritish238
Baird Pilot Officer G HBritish248
Baker Pilot Officer British600
Baker Pilot Officer H CBritish421 Flt
Baker Sergeant A CBritish610
Baker Pilot Officer H CBritish41
Baker Sergeant R DBritish56Killed*
Baker Pilot Officer SBritish54-66Killed
Baker Sergeant BBritish264Killed*
Baker Sergeant E DBritish145Killed*
Baker Pilot Officer C C MBritish23
Baker Sergeant L VBritish236
Ball Flight Lieutenant G EBritish242Killed
Bamberger Sergeant C SBritish610-41
Bandinel Pilot Officer J J F HBritish3Killed
Banham Flight Lieutenant A JBritish264-229
Banister Sergeant T HBritish219
Banks Sergeant W HBritish245-32-504
Bann Sergeant E SBritish238Killed*
Baraldi Pilot Officer F H RBritish609
Baranski Flight Lieutenant WPolish607
Barber Pilot Officer R HBritish46
Barclay Pilot Officer R G ABritish249Killed
Barker Sergeant J KBritish152Killed*
Barker Pilot Officer G LBritish600Killed
Barker Sergeant F JBritish264
Barnard Sergeant E CBritish600
Barnes Pilot Officer WBritish405
Barnes Sergeant L DBritish257-615-607
Barnes Flying Officer J G CBritish600
Barnett Squadron Leader R EBritish234
Baron Pilot Officer R VBritish219Killed*
Barraclough Sergeant S MBritish92
Barraclough Sergeant R G VBritish266
Barran FLight Lieutenant P HBritish609Killed*
Barrett Sergeant W EBritish25
Barron Sergeant N P GBritish236
Barrow Sergeant H I RBritish607-43-213Killed
Barry Flying Officer N J MSouth African3-501Killed*
Barthropp Flying Officer P P CBritish602
Bartlett Sergeant L HBritish17
Bartley Pilot Officer A CBritish92
Barton Pilot Officer A R HBritish32-253Killed
Barton Flight Lieutenant R A British249
Bartos Pilot Officer JCzechoslavakian312Killed
Barwell Pilot Officer E GBritish264-242
Bary Pilot Officer R EBritish229Killed
Bashford Sergeant HBritish248
Bassett Flying Officer F BBritish222Killed
Batcheloe Pilot Officer G HBritish54Killed
Batt Sergeant L GBritish238
Baxter Sergeant SBritish222Killed*
Bayles Flying Officer I NBritish152
Bayley Sergeant E ABritish32-249Killed*
Bayliss Pilot Officer DBritish604
Bayliss Sergeant E JBritish248Killed
Bayly Sergeant JNew Zealander111
Bayne Flight Lieutenant A W ABritish17
Bayne Squadron Leader D WBritish257
Baynham Pilot Officer G TBritish234-152
Bazin Flight Lieutenant J MBritish607
Bazley Flight Lieutenant S HBritish206Killed
Beake Pilot Officer P HCanadian64
Beamish Wing Commander F VIrish151-249-56Killed
Beamish Sergeant RBritish601
Beamont Flying Officer R PBritish87
Beard Sergeant J M BBritish249
Beardmore Pilot Officer E W BCanadian1(Can)(401)
Beardsley Pilot Officer R ABritish610-41
Beatty Sergeant M ABritish266
Beaumont Pilot Officer WBritish152Killed*
Beaumont Flight Lieutenant S GBritish609
Beazley Pilot Officer H J SBritish249
Beda Sergeant APolish302
Bee Sergeant E HBritish29
Beechey Sergeant A FBritish141
Beer Sergeant C S FBritish235Killed*
Begg(FAA) Sub Lieutenant G W British151Killed
Belc Sergeant MPolish303Killed
Balchem Squadron Leader L GBritish264Killed
Beley Pilot Officer W GCanadian151Killed*
Bell Flying Officer C ABritish29
Bell Sergeant C HBritish234Killed
Bell Flying Officer J SBritish616Killed*
Bell Sergeant DBritish23Killed
Bell Sergeant RBritish219
Bell-Slater Flying Officer D BBritish253
Bell-Walker Sergeant H JBritish72
Benn Sergeant G WBritish219
Bennett Pilot Officer C CAustralian248Killed*
Bennett Sergeant H E British43Killed
Bennette Flying Officer G RBritish17Killed
Bennions Pilot Officer G HBritish41
Bennison Sergeant A ANew Zealander25
Benson Pilot Officer N J VBritish603Killed*
Benson Pilot Officer J GBritish141
Bent Sergeant BBritish25
Benzie Pilot Officer JCanadian242Killed*
Beresford Flight Lieutenant H R ABritish257Killed*
Bergman Pilot Officer VCzechoslovakian310
Berkley Sergeant T C EBritish85Killed
Bernard Sergeant F ACzechoslovakian238-601
Bernas Pilot Officer BPolish302
Berridge Sergeant H WBritish219Died
Berry Flight Sergeant F GBritish1Killed*
Berry Pilot Officer RBritish603
Berry Sergeant ABritish264Killed*
Berwick Sergeant R CBritish25Killed
Beveridge Sergeant CBritish219
Beytagh Squadron Leader M LBritish73Died
Bickerdyke Pilot Officer J LNew Zealander85Killed*
Bicknell Sergeant British23
Bicknell Squadron Leader L CBritish23
Bidgood Pilot Officer E GBritish253Killed
Bidgood Sergeant I KBritish213Killed
Biggar Squadron Leader A JBritish111
Bignall Sergeant JBritish25Killed
Binham Sergeant A EBritish64
Birch(FAA) Lieutenant R ABritish804Killed
Bird-Wilson Pilot Officer H A CBritish17
Birkett Pilot Officer TBritish219Killed
Birrell(FAA) Midshipman M ABritish804-79
Bisdee Pilot Officer J DBritish609
Bisgood Pilot Officer D LBritish3Killed
Bitmead Squadron Leader E RBritish266-310-253Died
Black Sergeant ABritish54Killed
Black Sergeant H EBritish46-257-32Killed*
Blackadder Flight Lieutenant W FBritish607
Blackwood Squadron Leader G D MBritish310-213Died
Blair Pilot Officer C EBritish600Killed
Blair Pilot Officer K HBritish151Died
Blaize Warrant Officer PFree French111
Blake(FAA) Sub Lieutenant A GBritish19Killed*
Blake Squadron Leader M VNew Zealander238-231
Bland Pilot Officer J WBritish601-501Killed*
Blane Sergeant W HBritish604
Blatchford Flying Officer H PCanadian17-257Killed
Blayney Pilot Officer A JBritish609
Blenkharn Sergeant FBritish25
Bloomeley Pilot Officer D HBritish151
Bloor Sergeant EBritish46Killed
Blow Sergeant K L OBritish235Killed
Boddington Sergeant M C BBritish234
Bodie Pilot Officer C A WBritish66Killed
Boitel-Gill Flight Lieutenant B P ABritish152Killed
Bolton Sergeant H ABritish79Killed*
Bomford Sergeant British601
Bon-Seigneur Pilot Officer C ACanadian257Killed*
Boot Pilot Officer P VBritish1
Booth Sergeant J JBritish23-600
Booth Sergeant G BBritish85Killed*
Boret Pilot Officer R JBritish41Killed
Borowski Flying Officer JPolish302Killed*
Boswell Sergeant R ABritish19
Boulding Flying Officer R J EBritish74
Boulter Flying Officer J CBritish603Killed
Boulton Flying Officer J FBritish603-310Killed*
Bouquillard Adjutant H Free French615-249Killed
Bowen Pilot Officer F DBritish264Killed
Bowen Pilot Officer N GBritish266Killed*
Bowen Flight Lieutenant C EBritish607Killed*
Bowen-Morris Sergeant HBritish92
Bowerman Sergeant D RBritish222
Bowman Sergeant L DBritish141
Bowring Flying Officer B HBritish111-600
Boyd Flight Lieutenant R FBritish602
Boyd Flight Lieutenant A H McNBritish145-600
Bowyer Flying Officer W SBritish257Killed
Boyle Sergeant CBritish236
Boyle Flying Officer J GCanadian41Killed*
Bracton Sergeant British602
Braham Squadron Leader J R DBritish29
Bramah(FAA) Sub Lieutenant H G KBritish213
Branch Flying Officer G RBritish145Killed*
Brash Sergeant G BBritish248Killed*
Breeze Sergeant R ABritish222Killed
Brejcha Sergeant VCzechoslovakian43Killed
Brennan Sergeant J SNew Zealander23
Brett Flying Officer P NBritish17
Brewster Pilot Officer JBritish615-616Killed
Briere Pilot Officer Y JFree French257Killed
Briese Flying Officer Canadian1(Can)(401)
Briggs Pilot Officer M FBritish234Killed
Briggs Sergeant D RBritish236Killed
Bright Flying Officer V MBritish299Killed
Brimble Sergeant G WBritish242Killed
Brimble Sergeant J JBritish73Killed*
Brinsden Flight Lieutenant F NNew Zealander19
Britton Pilot Officer H W ABritish17Killed
Britton Flying Officer A W NBritish263Killed*
Broadhurst Squadron Leader HBritish1
Broadhurst Pilot Officer J WBritish222Killed*
Brooker Flying Officer R E PBritish56Killed
Brookman Sergeant R W ANew Zealander253
Broom Sergeant P WBritish25
Brothers Flight Lieutenant P MBritish32-257
Brown Sergeant C BBritish245
Brown Flight Lieutenant G ABritish253
Brown Flight Sergeant F SBritish79Died
Brown Flying Officer D PCanadian1(Can)(401)
Brown Pilot Officer M KCanadian242Killed
Brown Flight Lieutenant M HCanadian1Killed
Brown Pilot Officer B WBritish610-72
Brown Pilot Officer M PBritish611-41
Brown Pilot Officer R CBritish229
Brown Pilot Officer R J WBritish111
Brown Pilot Officer A WBritish25
Brown Sergeant J WBritish600Killed
Brown Sergeant C W DBritish236Killed
Brown Sergeant R SBritish604
Brown Sergeant P G FBritish234Killed
Brown Flying Officer D MBritish1
Browne Sergeant CBritish219
Browne Pilot Officer D O MBritish1Killed*
Bruce Flight Lieutenant D CBritish111Killed*
Brumby Sergeant NBritish615-607Killed*
Brunner Pilot Officer G CBritish43
Bryant-Fenn Pilot Officer L TBritish79
Bryne Sergeant E LBritishFIU
Bryson Pilot Officer JCanadian92Killed*
Brzezina Flight Lieutenant SPolish74Killed
Brzozowski Sergeant MPolish303Killed*
Buchanan Pilot Officer JBritish29Killed
Buchanan Pilot Officer J RBritish609Killed*
Buchin Pilot Officer M S H CBelgian213Killed*
Buck Sergeant J ABritish43Killed*
Bucknole Sergeant J SBritish54Killed
Budd Flight Lieutenant G OBritish604
Budzinski Sergeant JPolish605-145
Bull Pilot Officer J CBritish600
Bull Flight Lieutenant C HBritish25Killed
Bulmer(FAA) Sub Lieutenant G G RBritish32Killed*
Bumstead Sergeant R FBritish111
Bunch Sergeant D CBritish219
Bunch(FAA) Sub Lieutenant S HBritish804Killed
Bungey Flying Officer R WAustralian145
Burda Pilot Officer FCzechoslovakian310
Burdekin Sergeant A GBritish600
Burgess Sergeant J H HBritish222
Burgoyne Pilot Officer EBritish19Killed*
Burley Sergeant P SBritish600
Burnard Flight Sergeant F PBritish74-616
Burnell-Phillips Sergeant P ABritish607Killed
Burnett Flying Officer N WBritish266-46Killed
Burns Sergeant W RNew Zealander236
Burns Sergeant O VBritish235
Burt Sergeant A DBritish611-603
Burtenshaw Sergeant A ABritish54Killed
Burton Flight Sergeant C GBritish23
Burton Squadron Leader H FBritish66
Burton Flight Lieutenant HBritish242
Burton Flying Officer P R FSouth African249Killed*
Burton Pilot Officer L GNew Zealander236Killed
Burton Sergeant LBritish248
Bush Pilot Officer C RNew Zealander242
Bush Sergeant B MBritish504
Bushell Sergeant G DBritish213Killed
Butterfield Sergeant S LBritish213Killed*
Butterick Sergeant A FBritish3-232Killed
Butterworth Sergeant KBritish23
Byng-Hall Pilot Officer PBritish29Died
Cain Sergeant A RBritish235Killed
Caister Pilot Officer J RBritish603
Calderhead Pilot Officer G DBritish54Killed
Calderwood Sergeant T MBritish85
Cale Pilot Officer F WAustralian266Killed*
Calthorpe Sergeant British25
Cambell Sergeant D C OBritish66
Cambridge Flight Lieutenant W PBritish253Killed*
Cameron Sergeant NBritish1-17
Cameron Flight Sergeant MBritish66
Cameron Sergeant J DBritish604Killed
Campbell Pilot Officer A R McLCanadian54
Campbell Sergeant ANew Zealander264
Campbell Flight Lieutenant A MBritish29
Campbell Sergeant D BNew Zealander23
Campbell Pilot Officer G LBritish236Killed
Campbell Pilot Officer N NCanadian242Killed*
Campbell-Colquhoun Flight Lieutenant E WBritish264-66
Candy Pilot Officer R JBritish25
Canham Sergeant A WBritish600
Cannon Sergeant BBritish604
Capel Sergeant BBritish23
Capon Pilot Officer C F ABritish257Killed
Capstick Pilot Officer HJamaican236Died
Carbury Flying Officer B J GNew Zealander603
Cardell Pilot Officer P MBritish603Killed*
Cardnell Pilot Officer C FBritish23Killed*
Carey Flight Lieutenant F RBritish43
Carlin Pilot Officer SBritish264Killed
Carnaby Flying Officer W FBritish264-85Killed
Carnall Sergeant RBritish111
Carpenter(FAA) Sub Lieutenant J CBritish229-46Killed*
Carpenter Pilot Officer J M VBritish222
Carr Flying Officer W JBritish235Killed
Carr-Lewty Sergeant R ABritish41
Carrier Pilot Officer J CCanadian219
Carswell Flying Officer M KNew Zealander43
Carter Pilot Officer V ABritish607
Carter Sergeant L RBritish610-41Killed
Carter Pilot Officer C A WBritish611
Carter Pilot Officer P E GBritish73-302Killed*
Carthew Pilot Officer G C TCanadian253-145
Carver(FAA) Lieutenant R H PBritish804
Carver Pilot Officer K MBritish229
Carver Flying Officer J CBritish87Killed
Case Pilot Officer H RBritish64-72Killed*
Cassidy Flying Officer EBritish25
Casson Pilot Officer L HBritish616-615
Castle Sergeant C E PBritish219Killed
Cawse Pilot Officer F NBritish238Killed*
Cave Pilot Officer J GBritish600
Cebrzynski Flying Officer APolish303Killed*
Chabepa Sergeant FCzechoslovakian312
Chadwick Sergeant D FBritish64
Chaffe Pilot Officer R LBritish245-43Killed
Chalder Pilot Officer H HBritish266-41Killed*
Chalupa Pilot Officer S JPolish302
Chamberlain Pilot Officer J T RBritish235
Chamberlain Wing Commander G PBritishFIU
Chandler Sergeant H HBritish610
Chapman Sergeant V RBritish246
Chappell Pilot Officer A KBritish236
Chappell Pilot Officer C GBritish65
Chapple Sergeant D W EBritish236Killed
Chard Sergeant W TBritish141
Charles Flying Officer E F JCanadian54
Charnock Sergeant GBritish25
Charnock Sergeant H WBritish64-19
Chater Flight Lieutenant G FSouth African3
Cheetham Sergeant J CBritish23Killed
Chelmecki Pilot Officer MPolish257-17-6
Chesters Pilot Officer PBritish74Killed
Chetham Pilot Officer C A GBritish1Killed
Chevrier Pilot Officer J ACanadian1
Chew Sergeant C ABritish17Killed
Chignell Squadron Leader R ABritish145Killed
Chilton(FAA) Sub Lieutenant P S CBritish804
Chipping Sergeant D JBritish222
Chisholm Pilot Officer R EBritish604
Chlopik Flight Lieutenant T PPolish302Killed*
Chomley Pilot Officer J A GBritish257Killed*
Choran Flight Sergeant French64
Christie Sergeant J McBeanBritish152fKilled*
Christie Flight Lieutenant G PBritish66-242Killed
Christmas Pilot Officer B EBritish1(Can)(401)
Chrystall Sergeant CBritish235
Churches Pilot Officer E W GBritish74Killed
Churchill Squadron Leader W MBritish605Killed
Cizek Pilot Officer ECzechoslovakian1Killed
Clackson Flight Lieutenant D LBritish600
Clandillon Flying Officer J ABritish219Killed
Clark Pilot Officer H DBritish213
Clark Sergeant W T MBritish219
Clark Pilot Officer C A GSouth AfricanFIUKilled
Clark Sergeant G PBritish604
Clarke Squadron Leader D de BBritish600
Clarke Sergeant H RBritish610
Clarke Squadron Leader R NBritish235Killed
Clarke Pilot Officer A WBritish504Killed*
Clarke Sergeant G SBritish248Killed*
Clarke Pilot Officer R WBritish79Killed
Clarke Sergeant G TBritish151Killed
Cleaver Flying Officer G N SBritish601
Clenshaw Sergeant I C CBritish253Killed
Clerke Flight Lieutenant R F HBritish79
Clift Flying Officer D GBritish79
Clifton Pilot Officer J K GBritish253Killed*
Clouston Squadron Leader A ENew Zealander219
Couston Flight Lieutenant W GNew Zealander19
Clowes Pilot Officer A VBritish1Died
Clyde Flying Officer W CBritish601
Coates(FAA) Lieutenant J PBritish804Killed
Cobden Pilot Officer D GNew Zealander74Killed
Cochrane Pilot Officer A CCanadian257Killed
Cock Pilot Officer J RAustralian87
Cockburn(FAA) Lieutenant Commander J CBritish804
Cockburn(FAA) Sub Lieutenant R CBritish808
Coggins Pilot Officer JBritish235Killed
Coghlan Flying Officer J HBritish56Killed
Coke Flying Officer The Hon D ABritish257Killed
Cole Sergeant C F JBritish236
Coleman Pilot Officer E JBritish54Killed
Colebrook Pilot Officer British54
Collard Flying Officer PBritish615Killed*
Collett Sergeant G RBritish54Killed*
Collingbridge Pilot Officer L WBritish66
Collins Squadron Leader A RBritish72
Collyns Pilot Officer B GNew Zealander238Killed
Comely Pilot Officer P WBritish87Killed*
Comerford Flight Lieutenant H A GBritish312
Compton Sergeant J WBritish25
Connell Pilot Officer W CBritish32
Connor Flying Officer F H PBritish234
Connors Flight Lieutenant S D PBritish111Killed*
Considine Pilot Officer B BIrish238
Constantine Pilot Officer A NAustralian141Killed
Cook Sergeant A WBritish604
Cook Sergeant HBritish66-266
Cook Sergeant R VBritish219
Cooke Pilot Officer C ABritish66
Cooke Sergeant H RBritish23
Coombes Sergeant EBritish219Killed
Coombs Sergeant R JBritish600
Cooney Flight Sergeant C JBritish56Killed*
Coope Squadron Leader W EBritish17Killed
Cooper Sergeant C FBritish600Killed*
Cooper Sergeant T ABritish266
Cooper Sergeant S FBritish253
Cooper Sergeant D CBritish235
Cooper Sergeant J EBritish610Killed
Cooper Sergeant R NBritish610Killed
Cooper-Key Pilot Officer A MBritish46Killed*
Cooper-Slipper Pilot Officer T P MBritish605
Coote Sergeant L E MBritish600Killed
Copcutt Sergeant RBritish248Killed*
Copeland Sergeant PBritish616-66Killed
Copeland Sergeant N DBritish235
Copeman Pilot Officer J H HBritish111Killed*
Corbett Flight Lieutenant V BCanadian1(Can)(401)
Corbett Pilot Officer G HCanadian66Killed*
Corbin Sergeant W JBritish610-66
Corcoran Sergeant HBritish236Killed*
Cordell Sergeant H ABritish64
Corfe Sergeant D FBritish73-66-610Killed
Cork(FAA) Sub Lieutenant R JBritish242Killed
Corkett Pilot Officer A HBritish253
Corner Pilot Officer M CBritish264Died
Cory Pilot Officer G WBritish41
Cory Pilot Officer British25
Cosby Sergeant E TBritish3-615
Cosby Flight Lieutenant I HBritish610-72
Cotes-Preedy Pilot Officer D V CBritish236
Cottam Sergeant GBritish25
Cottam Pilot Officer H WBritish213Killed
Courtis Sergeant J BNew Zealander111
Courtney Flying Officer R N HBritish151
Coussens Sergeant H WBritish601
Couzens Pilot Officer G WBritish54
Coverley Flying Officer W HBritish602Killed*
Covington Pilot Officer A RBritish238
Coward Flight Lieutenant J BBritish19
Cowen Sergeant WBritish25
Cowley Sergeant JBritish87
Cowsill Sergeant J RBritish56Killed*
Cox Sergeant D G S RBritish19
Cox Pilot Officer G JBritish152
Cox Pilot Officer K HBritish610Killed*
Cox Flying Officer P A NBritish501Killed*
Cox Sergeant R C RBritish248Killed*
Cox Sergeant British421 Flt
Cox Sergeant G PBritish236
Cox Sergeant W EBritish264Killed
Coxon Sergeant J HBritish141Killed
Crabtree Sergeant D BBritish501Killed
Craig Sergeant J TBritish111Killed
Craig Flying Officer G DBritish607
Cranwell Sergeant E WBritish610
Crawford Pilot Officer H HNew Zealander235Killed
Cresty Sergeant K GBritish219Killed
Creswell Sergeant D GBritish141Killed
Crew Pilot Officer E DBritish604
Crise Sergeant J LBritish43Killed
Crockett Pilot Officer R FBritish236Killed
Crofts Flying Officer P GBritish615-605Killed*
Croker Sergeant E ENew Zealander111
Crombie Sergeant RBritish141Killed*
Crook Pilot Officer D MBritish609Killed
Crook Sergeant V WNew Zealander264
Crook Sergeant H KBritish219
Croskell Sergeant M EBritish213
Crossey Pilot Officer J TBritish249
Crossley Flight Lieutenant M NBritish32
Crossman Sergeant R GBritish25Killed
Crossman Pilot Officer J DAustralian46Killed*
Crowley Pilot Officer H RBritish219-600
Crowley-Milling Pilot Officer D WBritish242
Cruikshanks Pilot Officer I J ABritish66Killed*
Cruttenden Pilot Officer JBritish43Killed*
Cryderman Pilot Officer L ECanadian242
Crystall Sergeant CBritish235
Cuddie Pilot Officer W ABritish141Killed
Cukr Sergeant Vaclav EricCzechoslovakian253
Cullen Sergeant R WBritish23
Culmer Sergeant J DBritish25
Culverwell Sergeant J HBritish87Killed*
Cumbers Sergeant A BBritish141
Cunningham Flight Lieutenant J L GBritish603Killed*
Cunningham Flight Lieutenant WBritish19
Cunningham Flight Lieutenant JBritish604
Cunningham Sergeant JBritish29
Cunnington Sergeant W GBritish607Killed
Cupitt Sergeant TBritish29
Curchin Pilot Officer JBritish609Killed
Curley Sergeant A GBritish141Killed*
Currant Pilot Officer C FBritish605
Curtis Sergeant F WBritish25
Cutts Flying Officer J WBritish222Killed*
Czajkowski Pilot Officer FPolish151Killed
Czerniak Pilot Officer J MPolish302Killed
Czernin Flying Officer Count M BBritish17Died
Czerny Flight Lieutenant HPolish302
Czerwinski Flying Officer TPolish302Killed
Czternastek Pilot Officer Polish32
Dafforn Flying Officer R CBritish501Killed
Dalton Sergeant R WBritish604
Dalton-Morgan Flight Lieutenant T FBritish43
Daly Sergeant J JBritish141
Dann Sergeant J EBritish23
Dannatt Sergeant A GBritish29
D’Arch-Irvine Flying Officer B W JBritish257Killed*
Dargie Sergeant A M SBritish23Killed
Darley Squadron Leader H SBritish609
Darling Sergeant A SBritish611-603Killed
Darling Sergeant E VBritish41Killed
Darwin Pilot Officer C W WBritish87Killed
Daszewski Pilot Officer JPolish303
Davey Pilot Officer BBritish257-32Killed
Davey Pilot Officer J A JBritish1Killed*
David Pilot Officer W DBritish87-213
Davidson Sergeant H JBritish249Killed
Davies Pilot Officer R BBritish29
Davies Pilot Officer A EBritish222Killed*
Davies Pilot Officer C G ABritish222
Davies Sergeant M PBritish1-213Killed
Davies Flight Lieutenant J ABritish604Killed
Davies Flying Officer P F MBritish56
Davies Sergeant LBritish151
Davies-Cooke Pilot Officer P JBritish72-610Killed*
Davis Sergeant British222Killed
Davis Flight Lieutenant C RSouth African601Killed*
Davis Flying Officer C TBritish238Killed
Davis Sergeant W LBritish249
Davis Sergeant J NBritish600
Davis Sergeant JBritish54
Davis Sergeant P EBritish236
Davis Sergeant A SBritish235
Davison Pilot Officer British235
Davy Pilot Officer T D HBritish72-266Killed
Daw Pilot Officer V GBritish32Killed
Dawbarn Pilot Officer P LBritish17
Dawick Sergeant KNew Zealander111
Dawson Sergeant TBritish235
Dawson-Paul(FAA) Sub Lieutenant FBritish64Killed*
Day Pilot Officer R L FBritish141Killed
Day Sergeant F SBritish248Killed
Deacon Sergeant A HBritish85-111
Deacon-Elliott Pilot Officer RBritish72
Deansley Flight Lieutenant E CBritish152
Debenham Pilot Officer K B LBritish151Killed
Debree Pilot Officer British264
Dee Sergeant O JBritish235Killed
Deere Flight Lieutenant A LNew Zealander54
De Grunne Pilot Officer R C C Belgian32Killed
De Jace Pilot Officer L JBelgian236Killed
De La Boucher Warrant Officer F HFree French85Killed
De La Perrele Pilot Officer V BNew Zealander245
Deller Sergeant A L MBritish43
De Mancha Pilot Officer R ABritish43Killed*
Demetriadi Pilot Officer R SBritish601Killed*
Demoulin Sergeant R J GBelgian236
De Mozay Second Lieutenant J EFrench1
Denby Pilot Officer G ABritish600Killed
Denchfield Sergeant H DBritish610
Denholm Squadron Leader G LBritish603
Denison Flight Lieutenant R WBritish236Killed
Denton Sergeant D ABritish236Killed
Derbyshire Pilot Officer J MBritish236
Dermott Pilot Officer British600
De Scitivaux Captain C J M PFrench245
Desloges Flying Officer Canadian1(Can)(401)
De Spirlet Pilot Officer V X EBelgian87Killed
Deuntzer Sergeant D CBritish247
Devitt Squadron Leader P KBritish152
Dewar Wing Commander J SBritish87-213Killed
Dewar Pilot Officer J M FBritish229Killed
Dewey Pilot Officer R BBritish611-603Killed*
Dewhurst Flying Officer K SBritish234
Dexter Pilot Officer P GBritish603-54Killed
Dibnah Pilot Officer R H1-242
Dickie Pilot Officer W GBritish601Killed*
Dickenson Sergeant J HBritish253Killed*
Dieu Pilot Officer G E FBelgian236
Difford Flying Officer I BSouth African607Killed*
Digby-Worsley Sergeant M PBritish248Killed*
Ditzel Sergeant J WBritish25
Dixon Sergeant F J PBritish501Killed*
Dixon Pilot Officer J ABritish1
Dixon Sergeant C A WBritish601
Dixon Sergeant GBritishFIU
Dixon Sergeant LBritish600
Dodd Pilot Officer J DBritish248Killed
Dodge Sergeant C WBritish219
Doe Pilot Officer R F TBritish234-238
Dolezal Pilot Officer FCzechoslovakian19
Domagala Sergeant MPolish238
Don Pilot Officer R SBritish501Killed
Donahue Pilot Officer A GAmerican64Killed
Donald Flight Lieutenant I D GBritish141Killed*
Donaldson Squadron Leader E MBritish151
Dossett Sergeant W SBritish29
Doughty Pilot Officer N A RBritish247
Douglas Pilot Officer W ABritish610
Doulton Pilot Officer M DBritish601Killed*
Douthwaite Pilot Officer BBritish72
Doutrepont Pilot Officer G L JBelgian229Killed*
Dowding Pilot Officer The Hon D H TBritish74
Down Pilot Officer P D MBritish56
Draby Sergeant British25
Drake Pilot Officer G JSouth African607Killed*
Drake Flying Officer BBritish213-1
Draper Pilot Officer B VBritish74Killed
Draper Flying Officer G G FBritish41-610
Draper Sergeant R ABritish232
Dredge Sergeant A SBritish253Killed
Drever Flying Officer N GBritish610
Drew Squadron Leader P EBritish236Killed*
Drobinski Pilot Officer B HPolish65
Drummond Flying Officer J FBritish46-92Killed*
Duart Pilot Officer J HBritish219
Dubber(FAA) Pilot Officer R EBritish808Died
Duckenfield Pilot Officer B LBritish501
Duda Pilot Officer JCzechoslovakian312
Duff Pilot Officer S SBritish23
Duke-Woolley Flight Lieutenant R M B DBritish253-23
Dulwich Sergeant W HBritish235Killed
Duncan Sergeant British29
Dundas Pilot Officer J CBritish609Killed
Dundas Flying Officer H S LBritish616
Dunlop-Urie Flight Lieutenant JBritish602
Dunmore Sergeant J TBritish22Killed
Dunn Sergeant I LBritish235
Dunning-White Flying Officer P WBritish145
Dunscombe Sergeant R DBritish213-312Killed
Dunworth Squadron Leader T P RBritish66-54
Dupee Sergeant O ABritish219
Durrant Sergeant C RNew Zealander23Killed
Duryasz Flight Lieutenant MPolish213
Duszynski Sergeant SPolish238Killed*
Dutton Squadron Leader R GBritish145
Dutton Sergeant G WBritish604
Du Vivier Pilot Officer R A LBelgian229Killed
Dvorak Sergeant ACzechoslovakian310Killed
Dye Sergeant B EBritish219Killed
Dyer Sergeant New Zealander600
Dygryn Sergeant JCzechoslovakian1
Dyke Sergeant L ABritish64Killed*
Dymond Sergeant W LBritish111Killed
Eade Sergeant A WBritish266-602
Earp Sergeant R LBritish46
Easton Sergeant D ABritish248
Eckford Flight Lieutenant A FBritish23-253-242
Edge Flight Lieutenant G RBritish253-605
Edge Flying Officer A RBritish609
Edgley Sergeant ABritish601-253
Edgworthy Sergeant G HBritish46Killed*
Edmiston Pilot Officer G A FBritish151
Edmond Pilot Officer N DCanadian615Killed*
Edmunds Pilot Officer E RNew Zealander245-615
Edridge Pilot Officer H P MBritish222Killed*
Edsall Pilot Officer E FBritish54-222Died
Edwards Flying Officer R LCanadian1(Can)(401)Killed*
Edwards Pilot Officer H DCanadian92Killed*
Edwards Sergeant FBritish29
Edwards Sergeant British204
Edwards Pilot Officer K CBritish600
Edwards Sergeant H HBritish248
Edwards Pilot Officer I NBritish234
Edwards Flight Lieutenant R S JIrish56
Edwards Sergeant British247
Edy Pilot Officer A LBritish602Killed
Egan Sergeant E JBritish600-501Killed*
Eiby Pilot Officer W TNew Zealander245
Ekins Sergeant V HBritish111-501
Elcombe Sergeant D WBritish602Killed*
Eley Sergeant F WBritish74Killed*
Elger Pilot Officer F R CCanadian 248
Eliot Pilot Officer H WBritish73Killed
Elkington Pilot Officer J F DBritish1
Ellacombe Pilot Officer J L WBritish151
Ellery Pilot Officer C CBritish264
Elliott Flying Officer G JCanadian607
Ellis Sergeant R VBritish73
Ellis Flight Lieutenant JBritish610
Ellis Sergeant J H MBritish85Killed*
Ellis Sergeant W TBritish92
Ellis Flying Officer G EBritish64
Elsdon Flying Officer T A FBritish72
Elsdon Sergeant H D BBritish236Killed*
Else Sergeant PBritish610
Emeny Sergeant CNew Zealander264
Emmett Flying Officer W A CBritish25Killed*
Emmett Sergeant GBritish236
English Pilot Officer C EBritish85-605Killed*
Ensor Flying Officer P S BBritish23Killed
Etherington Sergeant W JBritish17
Evans Pilot Officer H A CBritish236
Evans Sergeant W RBritish85-249
Evans Pilot Officer DBritish607-615Killed
Evans Sergeant C RBritish235Killed
Evans Sergeant G JBritish604
Everitt Sergeant G CBritish29Killed
Everitt Sergeant A DBritish235
Eyles Sergeant P RBritish92Killed*
Eyre Flying Officer ABritish615Killed
Fajtl Flight Lieutenant FCzechoslovakian17-17
Falkowskj Flying Officer J PPolish32
Farley Flight Lieutenant British151-46
Farmer Flight Lieutenant J N WBritish302
Farnes Sergeant P C PBritish501
Farnes Pilot Officer EBritish141
Farquhar Wing Commander A DBritish257
Farrow Sergeant J RBritish1-229Killed*
Farthing Sergeant JBritish235
Fawcett Sergeant D RBritish29Killed
Fayolle Warrant Officer F EFree French85Killed
Feary Sergeant A NBritish609Killed*
Feather Sergeant J LBritish235Killed*
Fechtner Pilot Officer ECzechoslovakian310Killed*
Fejfar Flying Officer SCzechoslovakian310Killed
Fenmore Sergeant S ABritish245-501Killed*
Fenn Sergeant C FBritish248
Fenton Squadron Leader H ABritish238
Fenton Sergeant British604
Fenton Pilot Officer J OBritish235Killed
Fenwick Pilot Officer C RBritish601
Fenwick Flying Officer British601
Ferdinand Pilot Officer R FBritish263Killed
Ferguson Sergeant E HBritish141Killed
Ferguson Flying Officer P JBritish602
Feric Pilot Officer MPolish303
Ferris Flight Lieutenant H MBritish111Killed*
Fildes Sergeant FBritish25
Finch Flying Officer T R HBritish151
Finlay Squadron Leader D OBritish41-54
Finnie Pilot Officer ABritish54Killed*
Finnis Flight Lieutenant J F FBritish1-229
Finucane Pilot Officer B EIrish65Killed
Fisher Pilot Officer A G ABritish111
Fisher Pilot Officer GBritish602
Fisher Flying Officer B MBritish111Killed*
Fiske Pilot Officer W M LAmerican601Killed*
Fitzgerald Flight Lieutenant T BNew Zealander141
Fizell Sergeant J FBritish29
Fleming Pilot Officer JBritish605
Fleming Pilot Officer R D SBritish249Killed*
Fletcher Sergeant J G BBritish604Killed*
Fletcher Flight Lieutenant A WCanadian235
Fletcher Sergeant British3
Fletcher Sergeant W TNew Zealander23
Flinders Pilot Officer J LBritish32
Flood Flight Lieutenant F WAustralian235Killed*
Flower Sergeant H LBritish248
Foglar Sergeant VCzechoslovakian245
Fott Pilot Officer E ACzechoslovakian310
Fokes Sergeant R HBritish92Killed
Folliard Sergeant J HBritish604
Fopp Sergeant DBritish17
Forbes Squadron Leader A SBritish303-66
Ford Sergeant R CBritish41
Ford Sergeant E GBritish3-232Killed
Forde Flying Officer D NBritish145-605
Forrest Sergeant D HBritish66
Forrester Pilot Officer G MBritish605Killed*
Forshaw Flying Officer T H TBritish609
Forster Flying Officer A DBritish151-607
Forsyth Sergeant C L MNew Zealander23Killed
Forward Sergeant R VBritish257
Foster Pilot Officer R WBritish605
Fotheringham Sergeant British3
Fowler Sergeant R JBritish247
Fowler Flying Officer A LBritish248Killed
Fox Sergeant P HBritish56
Fox Sergeant LBritish29
Foxley-Norris Flying Officer C NBritish3
Fox-Male Pilot Officer D HBritish152
Francis Pilot Officer C DBritish253Killed
Francis Sergeant D NBritish257
Francis Sergeant C WBritish74
Francis Sergeant JBritish23
Francis Sergeant British3
Francis Pilot Officer N I CBritish247Killed
Franklin Flying Officer W D KBritish74
Franklin Pilot Officer W HBritish65Killed
Frantisek Sergeant JCzechoslovakian303Killed*
Fraser Sergeant R H BBritish257Killed*
Freeborn Flight Lieutenant J CBritish74
Freeman Sergeant R RBritish29
Freer Sergeant P FBritish29Killed
Freese Sergeant L EBritish611-74Killed
French Sergeant T LBritish29Killed
Frey Flight Lieutenant J APolish607
Friend Sergeant J RBritish25Killed
Friendship Pilot Officer A H BBritish3
Fripp Sergeant J HBritish248
Frisby Pilot Officer E MBritish504Killed
Frith Sergeant E T GBritish611-92Killed*
Frizell Pilot Officer C GCanadian257
Frost Pilot Officer J LBritish600
Fulford Sergeant DBritish64Killed
Fulford Sergeant British19
Fumerton Pilot Officer R CCanadian32
Furneaux Sergeant R HBritish3-73
Furst Sergeant BCzechoslovakian310-605
Gabszewicz Flying Officer APolish607
Gadd Sergeant Pilot JBritish611
Gage Pilot Officer D HBritish602Killed
Gallus Sergeant British3
Gamblen Flying Officer D RBritish41Killed*
Gane Pilot Officer S RBritish248Killed*
Gant Sergeant EBritish236
Gardiner Flying Officer F TBritish610Killed
Gardiner Sergeant G CBritish219Killed*
Gardiner Sergeant W MBritish3
Gardner Sergeant B G DBritish610Killed
Gardner Pilot Officer P MBritish32
Gardner(FAA) Sub Lieutenant R EBritish242
Gardner Pilot Officer J RBritish141
Garfield Sergeant W JBritish248Killed*
Garrard Pilot Officer A H HBritish248Killed
Garside Sergeant GBritish236
Garton Sergeant G WBritish73
Garvey Sergeant L ABritish41Killed*
Garvin Squadron Leader G DBritish264
Gash Sergeant FBritish264
Gaskell Pilot Officer R SBritish264
Gaunce Flight LieutenantL M Canadian615Killed
Gaunt Pilot Officer G NBritish609Killed*
Gaunt Sergeant W DBritish23
Gavan Sergeant ABritish54
Gawith Pilot Officer A ANew Zealander23
Gayner Flying Officer J R HBritish615
Gear Sergeant A WBritish32
Geddes Pilot Officer K IBritish604
Gee Sergeant V DBritish219Killed
Genney Pilot Officer TBritish604Killed
Gent Sergeant R J KBritish501-32Killed
Gibbins Sergeant D GBritish54-222
Gibbons Sergeant C MBritish236
Gibson Flight Lieutenant J A ABritish501
Giddings Flight Lieutenant H SBritish615-111Killed
Gil Pilot Officer JPolish229-43
Gilbert Pilot Officer E GBritish64
Gilbert(FAA) Midshipman P R JBritish111
Gilbert Pilot Officer H TBritish601Killed
Gilders Sergeant J SBritish72Killed
Gill Sergeant J VBritish23Killed
Gillam Flight Lieutenant D EBritish312-616
Gillam Sergeant EBritish248Killed
Gillan Pilot Officer JBritish601Killed*
Gillen Flying Officer T WBritish247
Gillespie Pilot Officer J LBritish23Killed
Gillies Sergeant British421 Flt
Gillies Flight Sergeant JBritish602Killed
Gillies Flight Lieutenant K MBritish66Killed*
Gillman Pilot Officer K RBritish32Killed*
Gilroy Pilot Officer G KBritish603
Gilyeat Sergeant H RBritish29
Girdwood Sergeant A GBritish257Killed*
Glaser Pilot Officer E DBritish65
Gleave Squadron Leader T PBritish253
Gledhill Sergeant GBritish238Killed*
Gleed Flight Lieutenant I RBritish87Killed
Glegg Pilot Officer A JBritish600
Glendenning Sergeant J NBritish54-74Killed
Glew Sergeant NBritish72Killed
Glowacki Sergeant W JPolish605-145Killed*
Glowacki Sergeant APolish501Killed*
Glyde Flying Officer R LAustralian87Killed*
Gmur Sergeant FPolish151Killed*
Gnys Pilot Officer WPolish302
Goddard Flight Lieutenant H GBritish219
Goddard Pilot Officer W BBritish235Killed
Godden Squadron Leader S FBritish3
Goldsmith Flying Officer C WSouth African54-603Killed*
Goldsmith Sergeant J EBritish236Killed
Gonay Pilot Officer H A CBelgian235Killed
Goodall Pilot Officer H IBritish264Killed*
Gooderham Sergeant A TBritish46
Gooderham Sergeant A JBritish25Killed
Goodman Sergeant GBritish85
Goodman Pilot Officer G EPalestinian1Killed
Goodman Sergeant M VBritish604
Goodwin Pilot Officer H McDBritish609Killed*
Goodwin Sergeant CBritish219Killed*
Goodwin Sergeant S ABritish266
Goodwin Sergeant R DBritish64
Gordon Squadron Leader J A GCanadian151Killed
Gordon Pilot Officer W H GBritish234Killed*
Gordon Sergeant SBritish235Killed
Gore Flight Lieutenant W EBritish607Killed*
Gorrie Pilot Officer D GBritish43Killed
Gorzula Pilot Officer MPolish607
Gosling Pilot Officer R CBritish266
Goth Pilot Officer VCzechoslovakian501-310Killed*
Gothorpe Sergeant British25
Gould Pilot Officer D LBritish601-607
Gould Flying Officer C LBritish607-32Killed
Gould Sergeant G LBritish235
Gouldstone Sergeant R JBritish29Killed*
Gout Pilot Officer G KBritish234Killed*
Gowers Pilot Officer A VBritish85Killed
Gracie Flight Lieutenant E JBritish56Killed
Graham Flight Lieutenant EBritish72
Graham Pilot Officer L WSouth African56
Graham Sergeant JBritish236Killed
Graham Pilot Officer K A GBritish600Killed
Grandy Squadron Leader JBritish249
Grant Sergeant E J FBritish600Killed
Grant Pilot Officer S BBritish65
Grant Sergeant New Zealander151
Grant(FAA) Sub Lieutenant M DBritish804
Grassick Pilot Officer R DCanadian242
Graves Sergeant British235
Graves Pilot Officer R CBritish253
Gray Flying Officer A PBritish615
Gray Pilot Officer C FBritish54
Gary Pilot Officer C KBritish43
Gray Pilot Officer D McTBritish610Killed
Gray Sergeant MBritish72Killed*
Gray Sergeant E WBritish85Killed
Gray Pilot Officer TBritish64
Grayson Flight Sergeant CBritish213Killed
Green Flight Lieutenant C PBritish421 Flt
Green Sergeant S JBritish501
Green Pilot Officer M DBritish248Killed*
Green Pilot Officer W VBritish235Killed*
Green Sergeant H EBritish141
Green Sergeant G GBritish236
Green Sergeant F W WBritish600
Greenwood Pilot Officer J D BBritish253
Greenshields(FAA) Sub Lieutenant H la ForeBritish266Killed*
Gregory Pilot Officer F SBritish65Killed*
Gregory Sergeant A EBritish219
Gregory Sergeant A HBritish111Killed
Gregory Sergeant W JBritish29
Grellis Pilot Officer H EBritish23Died
Gretton Sergeant R HBritish266-222
Gribble Pilot Officer D GBritish54Killed*
Grice Pilot Officer D HBritish32
Grice Pilot Officer D HBritish600Killed*
Gridley Sergeant R VBritish235Killed
Grier Pilot Officer TBritish601Killed
Griffen Sergeant J JBritish73Killed
Griffiths Sergeant GBritish17-601
Griffiths Sergeant British32
Grogan Pilot Officer G JIrish23
Groszewski Flying Officer Polish43
Grove Sergeant H CBritish501-213Killed
Grubb Sergeant D GBritish219
Grubb Sergeant H FBritish219
Gruszka Flying Officer FPolish65Killed*
Grzeszezak Flying Officer BPolish303
Guerin Adjutant CFree French232Killed
Guest Pilot Officer T FBritish56
Gundry Pilot Officer K CBritish257Killed
Gunn Pilot Officer H RBritish74Killed*
Gunning Pilot Officer P SBritish46Killed*
Gunter Pilot Officer E MBritish43-501Killed*
Gurteen Pilot Officer J VBritish504Killed*
Guthrie(FAA) Sub Lieutenant G C MBritish808
Guthrie Sergeant N HBritish604
Guy(FAA) Midshipman PBritish808Killed
Guy Sergeant L NBritish601Killed
Guymer Sergeant E N LBritish238
Hackwood Pilot Officer G HBritish264Killed
Haig Pilot Officer J G EBritish603
Haigh Sergeant CBritish604Killed*
Haine Pilot Officer R CBritish600
Haines Flying Officer L ABritish19Killed
Haire Sergeant J KBritish145Killed
Hairs Pilot Officer P RBritish501
Hall Pilot Officer R M DBritish152
Hall Flight Lieutenant N MBritish257Killed*
Hall Pilot Officer R CBritish219
Hall Sergeant British235
Hall Sergeant British29
Hall Pilot Officer W CBritish248Killed
Hallam Flying Officer I L McGBritish222Killed
Halliwell Pilot Officer A BBritish141
Hallowes Sergeant H J LBritish43
Halton Sergeant D WBritish615Killed*
Hamale Sergeant R E de J’aBelgian46Killed
Hamar Pilot Officer J RBritish151Killed*
Hamblin Wing Commander British17
Hamer Sergeant British141
Hamill Pilot Officer J WNew Zealander299Killed
Hamilton Flight Lieutenant H RCanadian85Killed*
Hamilton Sergeant J SBritish248Killed
Hamilton Sergeant C BBritish219Killed
Hamilton Pilot Officer A LAustralian248
Hamilton Pilot Officer A CBritish141Killed*
Hamilton Pilot Officer C EBritish234Killed
Hamlyn Sergeant R FBritish610
Hammerton Sergeant JBritish615Killed
Hammerton Sergeant JBritish3Killed
Hammond Pilot Officer D JBritish253-245
Hampshire Sergeant C WBritish85-111-249
Hanbury Pilot Officer B ABritish1
Hanbury Pilot Officer O VBritish602Killed
Hancock Pilot Officer N P WBritish1
Hancock Pilot Officer N EBritish152-65
Hancock Pilot Officer E LBritish609
Hannon Pilot Officer G HBritish236
Hanson Flying Officer D H WBritish17Killed*
Hanus Pilot Officer JCzechoslovakian310
Hanzlicek Sergeant OCzechoslovakian312Killed*
Hardacre Flying Officer J RBritish504Killed*
Hardcastle Sergeant JBritish219Killed
Hardie Sergeant British232
Harding Sergeant N DBritish29
Harding Flying Officer N MBritish23Killed
Hardman Pilot Officer H GBritish111
Hardwick Sergeant W R HBritish600
Hardy Pilot Officer RBritish234
Hardy Sergeant O ABritish264
Hare Sergeant MBritish245
Hargreaves Pilot Officer F NBritish92Killed*
Harket Sergeant A SBritish234
Harkness Squadron Leader HIrish257
Harnett Flying Officer T PCanadian219
Harper Flight Lieutenant W JBritish17
Harris Pilot Officer P ABritish3Killed
Harrison Sergeant A R JBritish219
Harrison Pilot Officer J HBritish145Killed*
Harrison Pilot Officer D SBritish238Killed*
Harrold Pilot Officer F CBritish151-501Killed*
Hart Flying Officer J SCanadian602-54
Hart Pilot Officer K GBritish65Killed
Hart Pilot Officer NCanadian242Killed
Hartas Pilot Officer P McDBritish603-421 FltKilled
Harvey Sergeant L WBritish54
Hastings Pilot Officer DBritish74Killed*
Hatton Sergeant British604
Havercroft Sergeant R EBritish92
Haviland Pilot Officer J KAmerican151
Haviland Pilot Officer R HSouth African248Killed
Haw Sergeant CBritish504
Hawke Sergeant P SBritish64
Hawke Sergeant S NBritish604Killed
Hawkings Sergeant R PBritish601Killed*
Hawley Sergeant F BBritish266Killed*
Haworth Flying Officer J F JBritish43Killed*
Hay Flying Officer I B D ESouth African611
Hay(FAA) Lieutenant R CBritish808
Hayden Sergeant L HBritish264
Hayes Squadron Leader British242
Hayes Flying Officer T NBritish600
Haylock Sergeant R ABritish236
Hayson Flight Lieutenant G D LBritish79
Hayter Flying Officer J C FNew Zealander605-615
Haywood Sergeant DBritish504
Haywood Sergeant DBritish151
Head Sergeant F A PBritish236Killed*
Head Sergeant G MBritish219Killed
Heal Pilot Officer P W DBritish604
Healy Sergeant T W RBritish41-611Killed
Heath Flying Officer BBritish611
Hebron Pilot Officer G SBritish235
Hedges Pilot Officer A LBritish245-257
Heimes Sergeant LBritish235
Helcke Sergeant D ABritish504Killed*
Hellyer Flight Lieutenant R OBritish616
Hemingway Pilot Officer J AIrish85
Hemptinne Pilot Officer B M deBelgian145Killed
Henderson Pilot Officer J A McDBritish257
Hendry Sergeant D OBritish219
Henn Sergeant W BBritish501
Henneberg Flying Officer ZPolish303
Henson Sergeant BBritish32-257Killed
Henstock Flight Lieutenant L FBritish64
Heron Pilot Officer H M TBritish266-66
Herrick Pilot Officer M JBritish25Killed*
Herrick Pilot Officer B HNew Zealander236Killed
Heslop Sergeant V WBritish56
Hess Pilot Officer ACzechoslovakian310
Hetherington Sergeant E LBritish601Killed
Hewett Sergeant G ABritish607
Hewitt Pilot Officer D ACanadian501Killed*
Hewlett Sergeant C RBritish65Killed
Heycock Squadron Leader G F WBritish23
Heywood Pilot Officer N BBritish32-607-257Killed*
Heyworth Squadron Leader J HBritish79
Hick Sergeant D TBritish32
Higgins Sergeant W BBritish252-32Killed*
Higginson Flight Sergeant F WBritish56
Higgs Flying Officer T P KBritish111Killed*
Hight Pilot Officer C HNew Zealander234Killed*
Hiles Pilot Officer A HBritish236Killed
Hilken Sergeant C GBritish74
Hill Pilot Officer H PBritish92Killed*
Hill Squadron Leader J HBritish222
Hill Pilot Officer S JBritish609Killed
Hill Pilot Officer M RSouth African266Killed
Hill Sergeant C RNew Zealander141
Hill Pilot Officer A EBritish248Killed
Hill Sergeant A MBritish25
Hill Sergeant GBritish65
Hill Pilot Officer G EBritish245Killed
Hillary Pilot Officer R HBritish603Killed
Hillcoat Flight Lieutenant H B LBritish1Killed*
Hillock Pilot Officer F W1(Can)(401)
Hillman Sergeant R WBritish235Killed
Hillwood Sergeant PBritish56
Himr Pilot Officer J JCzechoslovakian56Killed
Hindrup Sergeant F GNew Zealander600
Hine Sergeant British65
Hird Sergeant LBritish604Killed
Hithersay Sergeant A J BBritish141
Hlavac Sergeant JCzechoslovakian56Killed*
Hlobil Pilot Officer ACzechoslovakian312
Hoare-Scott Pilot Officer J HBritish601Killed
Hobbis Pilot Officer D OBritish219Killed
Hobbs Sergeant S JBritish235Killed
Hobbs Pilot Officer J BBritish3Killed
Hobbs Sergeant W HBritish25
Hobson Pilot Officer C ABritish600Killed*
Hobson Squadron Leader W F CBritish601
Hobson Flight Lieutenant D BBritish64
Hoods Sergeant W HBritish25
Hodge Sergeant J S ABritish141Killed
Hodgkinson Pilot Officer A JBritish219Killed
Hodgson Pilot Officer W TNew Zealander85Killed
Hodson Sergeant C GBritish229-1
Hogan Squadron Leader H A VBritish501
Hogg Flying Officer E SBritish152
Hogg Sergeant R DBritish17-257-56Killed
Hogg Pilot Officer R MBritish152Killed*
Hogg Pilot Officer D WBritish25Killed*
Hogg Sergeant J HBritish141Killed
Hogg Sergeant R VBritish616Killed
Holden Flight Lieutenant EBritish501
Holden Pilot Officer KBritish616
Holder Sergeant RNew Zealander151Killed
Holder Pilot Officer G ABritish236
Holderness Flight Lieutenant J BSouth Rhodesian1-229
Holland Squadron Leader A LBritish501-65
Holland Pilot Officer D FBritish72Killed*
Holland Sergeant K CAustralian152Killed*
Holland Pilot Officer R HBritish92Killed
Holland Sergeant R MBritish600
Hollis Sergeant E JBritish25
Holloway Sergeant S VBritish25
Hollowell Sergeant K BBritish25
Holmes Pilot Officer F HBritish152Killed*
Holmes Sergeant R TBritish504
Holmes Pilot Officer G HBritish600Killed
Holmes Sergeant GBritish25
Holmes Sergeant E LBritish248Killed
Holroyd Sergeant W BBritish501-151
Holton Sergeant A G VBritish141
Homer Flying Officer M GBritish242-1Killed*
HOne Pilot Officer D HBritish615
Honor Flying Officer D S GBritish145
Hood Squadron Leader H R LBritish41Killed*
Hook Sergeant ABritish248Killed
Hookway Pilot Officer D NBritish234
Hooper Flying Officer B GBritish25
Hope Flying Officer RBritish605Killed*
Hope Flight Lieutenant Sir A PBritish601
Hopewell Sergeant JBritish616-66Killed
Hopgood Sergeant British64
Hopkin Pilot Officer W PBritish54-602
Hopton Sergeant B WBritish73Killed
Hornby Sergeant W HBritish234
Horner Sergeant F GBritish610
Horrox Flying Officer J MBritish151Killed
Horsky Sergeant VCzechoslovakian238Killed*
Horton Flying Officer P WNew Zealander234Killed
Hough Pilot Officer H B LBritish600Killed
Houghton Pilot Officer C GBritish141
Houghton Sergeant O VBritish501Killed*
Howard Pilot Officer JBritish74-54Killed
Howard Sergeant British235
Howard-Williams Pilot Officer P IBritish19
Howarth Sergeant E FBritish501Killed
Howe Pilot Officer BBritish25Killed
Howe Pilot Officer D CBritish235
Howell Flight Lieutenant F JBritish609Killed
Howell Sergeant FBritish87
Howes Pilot Officer PBritish54-603Killed*
Howes Sergeant H NBritish85-605Killed
Howitt Pilot Officer G LBritish615-245
Howitt Sergeant I EBritish41
Howley Pilot Officer R ACanadian141Killed*
Hoyle Sergeant H NBritish257
Hoyle Sergeant G VBritish232Killed
Hradil Pilot Officer FCzechoslovakian19-310Killed
Hruby Pilot Officer OCzechoslovakian111
Hubacek Sergeant JCzechoslovakian310
Hubbard Flying Officer T EBritish601
Hubbard Sergeant B F RBritish235Killed
Huckin Sergeant P EBritish600
Hughes Flight Lieutenant J McMBritish25Killed
Hughes Flight Lieutenant D PBritish238Killed*
Hughes Pilot Officer F DBritish264
Hughes Flight Lieutenant P CAustralian234Killed*
Hughes Sergeant D ENew Zealander600Killed*
Hughes Flight Sergeant W RBritish23
Hughes Pilot Officer D LBritish141
Hughes Sergeant A JBritish245
Hughes-Rees Sergeant JBritish609Killed
Hugo Pilot Officer P HSouth African615
Hulbert Sergeant F H RBritish601
Hulbert Sergeant D JBritish257-501
Hull Squadron Leader C BSouth African263-43Killed*
Humpherson Flying Officer J B WBritish32-607Killed
Humphrey Pilot Officer A HBritish266
Humphreys Pilot Officer J SNew Zealander605
Humphreys Pilot Officer P CBritish32
Humphreys Pilot Officer J DBritish29Killed
Humphreys Flying Officer P HBritish152Killed
Hunt Sergeant D A CBritish66
Hunt Pilot Officer D WBritish257
Hunt Pilot Officer H NBritish504Killed
Hunter Flight Lieutenant British600
Hunter Squadron Leader P ABritish264Killed*
Hunter Sergeant British604Killed
Hunter Sergeant D JBritish29
Hunter Pilot Officer A SBritish604Killed
Hunter-Tod Flight Lieutenant British23
Hurry Sergeant C A LBritish43-46
Hurst Pilot Officer P R SBritish600Killed
Hutchinson Sergeant IBritish222
Hutchinson(FAA) Sub Lieutenant D ABritish804Killed
Hutley Pilot Officer R RBritish32-213Killed*
Hutton Sergeant R SBritish85Killed
Hybler Pilot Officer JCzechoslovakian310
Hyde Sergeant R JBritish66
Hyde Pilot Officer J WBritish229
Hyde Flying Officer Canadian1(Can)(401)
Ievers Flight Lieutenant N LIrish312
Igglesden Flying Officer C PBritish234
Imray Sergeant H SBritish600
Ingle Flying Officer ABritish605
Ingle-Finch Pilot Officer M RBritish607-151-56
Innes Sergeant R ABritish253
Inness Pilot Officer R FBritish152
Inniss Flying Officer A R de HBritish236
Irving Flight Lieutenant M MBritish607Killed*
Isherwood Sergeant D WBritish29
Isaac Sergeant L RBritish64Killed*
Iveson Sergeant T CBritish616
Ivey Sergeant RBritish248
Jack Flying Officer D MBritish602
Jackson Sergeant P FBritish604Killed
Jackson Sergeant ABritish29Killed*
Jackson Pilot Officer P A CBritish236
Jacobs Pilot Officer HBritish219-600
Jacobson Sergeant NBritish29Killed*
James Sergeant R HBritish29
James Sergeant R S SBritish248Killed
Jameson Squadron Leader P GBritish266
Janicki Pilot Officer ZPolish32
Jankiewicz Flying Officer J SPolish601Killed
Janough Pilot Officer SCzechoslovakian310
Januszewicz Pilot Officer WPolish303Killed*
Jarrett Sergeant G W JBritish501-245Killed
Jaske Pilot Officer J ACzechoslovakian312
Jastrzevski Flight Lieutenant FPolish302Killed*
Javaux Pilot Officer L L GBelgian235Killed
Jay Pilot Officer D TBritish87Killed*
Jebb Flying Officer MBritish504Killed*
Jeff Flight Lieutenant R VBritish87Killed*
Jeffcoat Pilot Officer H JBritish236Killed
Jefferies Pilot Officer C G St DBritish3-232
Jefferies Flight Lieutenant J (ex J Latmer)British310
Jefferson Sergeant GBritish43
Jefferson Pilot Officer S FBritish248
Jeffery Flying Officer A J OBritish64Killed*
Jeffery-Cridge Sergeant H RBritish236
Jefferys Sergeant G WBritish46-43Killed*
Jeka Sergeant JPolish238
Jenkins Pilot Officer D N OBritish253Killed*
Jennings Sergeant B JBritish213
Jeram(FAA) Sub Lieutenant D NBritish213
Jereczek Pilot Officer E WPolish229-43
Jessop Sergeant E RBritish253-111-43-257Killed
Jicha Pilot Officer VCzechoslovakian1Killed
Jiroudex Flight Sergeant MCzechoslovakian310
Johns Sergeant G BBritish229
Johnson Pilot Officer A EBritish46Killed
Johnson Pilot Officer J EBritish616
Johnson Sergeant J IBritish222Killed*
Johnson Pilot Officer C EBritish264Killed*
Johnson Sergeant W JBritish145
Johnson Sergeant R BBritish222
Johnson Sergeant G BNew Zealander23
Johnson Pilot Officer S FBritish600Killed
Johnson Sergeant R ABritish43
Johnson Sergeant C ABritish25
Johnson Sergeant A EBritish23Killed
Johnson Sergeant R K HBritish235Killed
Johnston Pilot Officer J TCanadian151Killed*
Johnstone Squadron Leader A V RBritish602
Joll Pilot Officer I K SBritish604
Jones Pilot Officer W RBritish266
Jones Flying Officer D A EBritish3-501
Jones Sergeant H D BBritish504Killed
Jones Pilot Officer C A TBritish611
Jones Pilot Officer J S BBritish152Killed*
Jones Pilot Officer R EBritish605
Jones Pilot Officer R LBritish64-19
Jones Sergeant EBritish29Killed
Jones Pilot Officer J TBritish264Killed*
Jones Flying Officer British616
Jottard Pilot Officer A R IBelgian145Killed*
Joubert Pilot Officer C C OBritish56
Jowitt Sergeant LBritish85Killed*
Juleff Pilot Officer JRBritish600
Kahn Pilot Officer A H EBritish248Killed
Kane Pilot Officer T MBritish234
Kania Flight Sergeant JPolish303
Karasek Sergeant L RBritish23Killed*
Karubin Sergeant SPolish303Killed
Karwoski Pilot Officer W EPolish302
Kaucky Sergeant JCzechoslovakian310
Kawalecki Pilot Officer T WPolish151
Kay Pilot Officer D H SBritish264Killed
Kay Pilot Officer J KBritish111-257
Kay Sergeant ABritish248Killed*
Kayll Squadron Leader J RBritish615
Keard Pilot Officer J ABritish235Killed
Kearsey Pilot Officer P JBritish607-213Killed
Kearsey Sergeant A WBritish152
Keast Sergeant F JBritish600Killed*
Keatings Sergeant JBritish219
Kee Sergeant E H CBritish253Killed
Keel Sergeant G EBritish235Killed*
Keeler Sergeant R R GBritish236
Keighley Pilot Officer GBritish610
Kellett Squadron Leader R GBritish303-249
Kellett Flying Officer MBritish111
Kellit Sergeant W HBritish236
Kellow Flying Officer R WBritish213
Kells Pilot Officer L G HBritish29Died
Kelly Flight Lieutenant D P D GBritish74
Kelsey Sergeant E NBritish611Killed
Kemp Pilot Officer J RNew Zealander141Killed*
Kemp Pilot Officer N L DBritish242
Kemp Pilot Officer J LBritish54
Kendal Pilot Officer J BBritish66Killed
Kennard Pilot Officer H CBritish66
Kennard-Davis Pilot Officer P FBritish64Killed*
Kennedy Sergeant R WBritish604Killed
Kennedy Flight Lieutenant J CAustralian238Killed*
Kenner Pilot Officer P LBritish264Killed*
Kennett Pilot Officer PBritish3Killed
Kensall Sergeant GBritish25Killed
Kent Flight Lieutenant J ACanadian303
Kent Pilot Officer R DBritish235
Keough Pilot Officer V CAmerican609Killed
Keprt Sergeant JCzechoslovakian312
Ker-Ramsay Flight Lieutenant R GBritish25-FIU
Kershaw Pilot Officer ABritish1Killed
Kerwin Flying Officer B VCanadian1(Can)(401)Died
Kestin(FAA) Sub Lieutenant I HBritish145Killed*
Kestler Sergeant OCzechoslovakian111Killed
Keymer Sergeant MBritish65Killed*
Keynes Sergeant J DBritish236Killed
Kidsun Pilot Officer RNew Zealander141Killed*
Killick Sergeant PBritish245
Killingback Sergeant F W GBritish249
Kilmartin Flight Lieutenant J IIrish43
Kilner Sergeant J RBritish65
Kinder Pilot Officer M CBritish607
Kinder Pilot Officer D SBritish73
Kindersley(FAA) Lieutenant A T JBritish808Killed
King Squadron Leader E BBritish249-151Killed*
King Flying Officer P J CBritish66Killed*
King Pilot Officer F HBritish264Killed*
King Pilot Officer RBritish238
King Flying Officer L F DBritish64Killed
King Pilot Officer M ABritish249Killed*
King Pilot Officer W LBritish236Killed
Kingaby Sergeant D EBritish266-92
Kingcombe Flight Lieutenant C B FBritish92
Kings Pilot Officer R ABritish238
Kirt Sergeant T BBritish74Killed*
Kirkpatrick Pilot Officer J CBelgian235Killed*
Kirkwood Pilot Officer M TBritish610Killed
Kirton Sergeant D IBritish65Killed*
Kital Sergeant SPolish253
Kitson Pilot Officer T RBritish245Killed
Klelzkowski Pilot Officer SPolish302
Klein Sergeant ZPolish234-152Killed
Klozinski Sergeant WPolish54
Knight Flight Lieutenant R A LBritish23Killed
Knocker Pilot Officer W R ABritish264
Komaroff Sergeant L ABritish141Died
Kominex Flight Sergeant JCzechoslovakian310
Konrad Sergeant Polish111-253
Kopecky Sergeant V ACzechoslovakian236
Kopriva Sergeant JCzechoslovakian310
Korber Sergeant Czechoslovakian32
Kordula Pilot Officer FCzechoslovakian17-1
Kosarz Sergeant Polish302Killed
Kosinski Flight Lieutenant Polish32
Koukal Sergeant FCzechoslovakian310Killed
Kowalski Flying Officer JPolish302
Kowalski Sergeant JPolish303
Kozlowski Pilot Officer FPolish501
Kramer Pilot Officer MBritish600Killed
Krasnodebski Squadron Leader ZPolish303
Kratkoruky Sergeant BCzechoslovakian1Killed
Kredba Flight Lieutenant MCzechoslovakian310Killed
Krepski Pilot Officer WPolish54Killed*
Krol Pilot Officer WPolish302
Kucera Sergeant J V111-238
Kucera Sergeant JCzechoslovakian245Killed
Kumiega Pilot Officer LBritish17
Kustrzynski Flying Officer ZPolish607
Kuttlewascher Sergeant K MCzechoslovakian1Died
Kwiecinski Sergeant JPolish145Killed*
Lacey Sergeant J HBritish501
Lacey Sergeant E RBritish219
Lackie Sergeant W LBritish141
Lafont Adjutant Henrie G Free French615
Laguna Flight Lieutenant Polish302
Laing Flying Officer A J ABritish64
Laing Sergeant ABritish151
Lake Flying Officer D MBritish219Killed
Lamb Pilot Officer R LBritish600
Lamb Sergeant ABritish25
Lamb(FAA) Sub Lieutenant R RBritish804Killed
Lamb Flying Officer P GBritish610
Lamb Pilot Officer O ENew Zealander151Killed
Lambert Flight Lieutenant H M SBritish25Killed*
Lambie Pilot Officer W G MBritish219Killed
Lammer Pilot Officer ABritish141
Landels Pilot Officer L NBritish32-615Killed
Landsell Sergeant JBritish607Killed*
Lane Flight Lieutenant B J EBritish19Killed
Lane Pilot Officer RBritish43Killed
Langdon Pilot Officer British43
Langham-Hobart Pilot Officer N GBritish73
Langley Sergeant LBritish23Died
Langley Pilot Officer G ABritish41Killed*
Lanning Pilot Officer F C ABritish141
Lapka Pilot Officer SPolish302
Lapkowski Pilot Officer WPolish203
Larbalestier Pilot Officer B DBritish600
Laricheliere Pilot Officer J E PCanadian213Killed*
Latta Pilot Officer J BCanadian242Killed
Laughlin Flying Officer J HBritish235
Lauder Sergeant A JBritish264
Laurance Pilot Officer British234
Laurance Sergeant GBritish141Killed
Law Pilot Officer K SBritish605
Lawford Sergeant D NBritish247
Lawler Sergeant E SBritish604
Lawrence Sergeant N ABritish54Died
Lawrence Pilot Officer K ABritish242-603-234-421 Flt
Lawrence Sergeant British235
Laws Sergeant G G SBritish501-151Killed
Laws Pilot Officer A FBritish64Killed
Lawson Pilot Officer W JBritish19Killed
Lawson Pilot Officer R CBritish601Killed
Lawson-Brown Pilot Officer British64Died
Lawton Flying Officer P C FBritish604
Laycock Pilot Officer H KBritish79Killed
Laycock Flying Officer British87
Lazoryk Flight Lieutenant WPolish607
Leary Pilot Officer D CBritish17Killed
Leathart Squadron Leader J ABritish54
Leatham Pilot Officer E G CBritish248
Leather Flight Lieutenant W JBritish611
Le Cheminant Sergeant JBritish616
Leckrone Pilot Officer P HAmerican616Killed
Lecky Pilot Officer J GBritish610-41Killed*
Le Conte Sergeant E FBritishFIU
Ledger Sergeant LBritish236
Le Dong Sergeant TBritish219Killed
Lee Pilot Officer N TBritish501
Lee Sergeant M A WBritish72Killed
Lee Sergeant M ABritish421 Flt
Lee Flight Lieutenant R H ABritish85Killed*
Lees Squadron Leader R BBritish72
Lees Pilot Officer A F YBritish236
Le Fevre Pilot Officer P WBritish46Killed
Legg Pilot Officer R JBritish601
Leggett Pilot Officer P G245
Leigh Squadron Leader R H ABritish66
Leigh Sergeant A CBritish64-72
Le Jeune Sergeant O GBelgian235Killed
Lenahan Pilot Officer J DBritish607Killed
Leng Sergeant M EBritish73
Lennard(FAA) Midshipman P LBritish501Killed
Lenton Pilot Officer E CBritish56
Le Rougetel Flying Officer S P600
Le Roy Du Vivier Pilot Officer D A R GBelgian43
Lerway Sergeant F TBritish236
Leslie Sergeant G MBritish219Killed
Leverson Sergeant S ABritish611Killed
Lewis Pilot Officer A GSouth African85-249
Lewis Sergeant W GBritish25Killed
Lewis Sergeant C SBritish600
Lewis Pilot Officer R GCanadian1(Can)(401)Killed
Leyland Sergeant R HBritishFIU
Lille Sergeant British264
Lilley Sergeant RBritish29Killed
Limpenny Sergeant E RBritish64
Lindsay Pilot Officer A IBritish72Killed
Lindsay Pilot Officer P CBritish601Killed*
Lines Flying Officer A PBritish17
Lingard Pilot Officer J GBritish25
Linney Pilot Officer A SBritish229
Lipscombe Sergeant A JBritish600Killed
Lister Squadron Leader R C FBritish92-41
Litchfield Pilot Officer PBritish610Killed*
Litson Sergeant F W RBritish141
Little Flying Officer B WBritish609
Little Pilot Officer A GBritish235
Little Sergeant RBritish238Killed*
Little Flying Officer T BCanadian1(Can)(401)Killed
Little Squadron Leader J HBritish219Killed
Little Squadron Leader British600
Llewellyn Sergeant R TBritish213
Llewellyn Flying Officer British29
Lloyd Sergeant D EBritish19-64
Lloyd Sergeant P DBritish41Killed*
Lloyd Pilot Officer J PBritish72-64
Lloyd Sergeant British29
Lockhart Pilot Officer JBritish85-213Killed
Lochman Flying Officer P WCanadian1(Can)(401)Killed
Lock Pilot Officer E SBritish41Killed
Lockton Sergeant E EBritish236Killed*
Lockwood Sergeant J CBritish54Killed
Lofts Pilot Officer K TBritish615-249Killed
Logan Pilot Officer CBritish266Killed
Logie Pilot Officer O ABritish29
Lokuciewski Pilot Officer WPolish303
Long Sergeant British236
Lonsdale Sergeant R V HBritish242-501
Lonsdale Pilot Officer JBritish3Killed
Looker Pilot Officer D JBritish615
Loudon Flight Lieutenant M JBritish141
Lovell Pilot Officer A D JBritish41Killed
Lovell-Gregg Squadron Leader T GNew Zealander87Killed*
Loverseed Sergeant J EBritish501
Lovett Flight Lieutenant R EBritish73Killed*
Lowe Sergeant JBritish236
Loweth Pilot Officer P ABritish249
Lowther Sergeant WBritish219
Loxton Squadron Leader W WBritish25
Lucas Pilot Officer R M M DBritish141
Lucas Sergeant S EBritish32-257
Lukaszewicz Flying Officer KPolish501Killed*
Lumsden Pilot Officer D T MBritish236
Lumsden Sergeant J CBritish248
Lund Pilot Officer J WBritish611-92Killed
Lusk Pilot Officer H SNew Zealander25
Lusty Pilot Officer K RBritish25
Lyall Flight Lieutenant A McLBritish25
Lyall Pilot Officer ABritish602Killed
Lynch Sergeant JBritish25Killed
Lyons Pilot Officer E BBritish65
Lysek Sergeant APolish302
MacArthur Flying Officer M RBritish236
MacCaw Flying Officer D CBritish238Killed*
MacConochie Sergeant S R DBritish235
MacDonald Sergeant A SBritish601
MacDonald Pilot Officer D KBritish603Killed*
MacDonald Flight Lieutenant H KBritish503Killed*
MacDonell Squadron Leader A R DBritish64
MacDougal Sergeant C WBritish111Killed
MacDougall Pilot Officer L NBritish141
MacDougall Squadron Leader R I GBritish17
Macejowski Sergeant M KPolish111-249
MacFie Pilot Officer C HBritish616-611
MacGregor Sergeant A NBritish19
Machacek Pilot Officer JCzechoslovakian145Died
Machin Sergeant W HBritish264Killed*
Macinski Pilot Officer JPolish111Killed*
MacKay Pilot Officer British234
MacKenzie Pilot Officer British43
MacKenzie Pilot Officer D CNew Zealander56Killed
MacKenzie Pilot Officer K WBritish501
MacKenzie Pilot Officer J NNew Zealander41
MacKinnon(FAA) Lieutenant A McLBritish804
MacKinnon Sergeant D DBritish236Killed*
MacLachlan Squadron Leader A MBritish92
MacLachlan Flying Officer J A FBritish73-145Killed
MacLachlan Squadron Leader J RBritish46
MacLaren Pilot Officer A CBritish604
MacLean Pilot Officer C HBritish602
MacLeod Sergeant G S MBritish235Killed
MacNamara Flying Officer B RBritish603
MacPhail Pilot Officer F JBritish603Died
MacRae Sergeant I NBritishFIU
MacRory Sergeant H LBritish23Killed
Madle Pilot Officer S JBritish615-605
Maffett Pilot Officer G HBritish257Killed*
Maggs Pilot Officer M HBritish264
Maguire Squadron Leader H JBritish229
Mahoney(FAA) Petty Officer T JBritish804
Main Sergeant A D WBritish249Killed*
Main Sergeant H RBritish25Killed
Maitland-Walker Pilot Officer W HBritish65
Makins Sergeant British247
Malan Flight Lieutenant A GSouth African74
Malengreau Pilot Officer F F GBelgian87
Males Pilot Officer E EBritish72Killed*
Malinowski Sergeant BPolish302
Malinski Pilot Officer J LPolish302
Mallett Sergeant R SBritish29Killed
Maly Pilot Officer J MCzechoslovakian310Died
Mamedoff Pilot Officer AAmerican609Died
Manger Flying Officer KBritish17Killed*
Mann Pilot Officer H JBritish1
Mann Sergeant JBritish92-64
Mansel-Lewis Pilot Officer JBritish92
Mansfield Sergeant M JCzechoslovakian111
Mansfield Sergeant B MBritish236Killed
Mansfield Sergeant D EBritish236
Manton Squadron Leader G A LBritish56
Manton Sergeant EBritish610Killed*
Marchand Pilot Officer R ABritish73Killed*
Marek Sergeant FCzechoslovakian310-19Killed*
Markiewicz Sergeant A LPolish302
Marland Sergeant R GBritish222Killed
Marples Pilot Officer RBritish616Killed
Marrs Pilot Officer E SBritish152Killed
Marsh Sergeant British152
Marsh Sergeant W CBritish236
Marsh(FAA) Lieutenant A EBritish804
Marsh Sergeant H JBritish238Killed*
Marshall Sergeant A EBritish73Died
Marshall Pilot Officer J EBritish85Killed
Marshall Sergeant T RBritish219Killed
Marshall Sergeant T BBritish235
Marshall Pilot Officer J VBritish232
Marsland Pilot Officer GBritish245-253
Marston Flying Officer K JBritish56Killed
Martel Pilot Officer BPolish603-54
Martin Flying Officer J CNew Zealander257Killed
Martin Pilot Officer A WBritish235
Martin Sergeant British264
Martin(FAA) Sub Lieutenant R M SBritish808Killed
Maslen Sergeant T ABritish235Killed
Mason Sergeant WBritish235Killed
Massey Sergeant KBritish248
Mather Pilot Officer J RBritish66Killed*
Mathers Sergeant J WBritish29-23
Matheson Flight Lieutenant G CBritish222Killed
Matthews Sergeant H GBritish236
Matthews Pilot Officer K LBritish23
Matthews Pilot Officer H K FBritish54-603Killed*
Matthews Flying Officer P G HBritish1
Matthews Sergeant I WBritish64Died
Maxwell Pilot Officer M CBritish56
Maxwell Sergeant WBritish264Killed*
Maxwell Pilot Officer D ABritish611-603Killed
Maxwell Squadron Leader H LBritish600
Mayers Pilot Officer H CBritish601Killed
Mayhew Pilot Officer P FBritish79Killed
Mayne Warrant Officer EBritish74
McAdam Sergeant W DBritish23Killed
McAdam Sergeant JBritish41Killed
McAllister Sergeant P JBritish29-23
McArthur Flight Lieutenant J H GBritish609-238
McCall Pilot Officer S VBritish607
McCann Sergeant T ABritish601Died
McCarthy Sergeant T FBritish235Killed
McCarthy Sergeant J PBritish235
McCaul Sergeant J PBritish219Killed*
McChesney Sergeant R INew Zealander236Killed
McClintock Pilot Officer J A PBritish615Killed
McComb Squadron Leader J EBritish611
McConnell Sergeant JBritish145
McConnell Pilot Officer W WIrish607-245-249
McCormack Sergeant J BBritish25Killed
McDermott Sergeant JNew Zealander23
McDonough Pilot Officer B MAustralian236Killed*
McDougall Pilot Officer RBritish3-232
McDowall Sergeant ABritish602
McFadden Pilot Officer ABritish73
McGaw Pilot Officer C ABritish73-66Killed
McGibbon Pilot Officer JBritish615Killed
McGlashan Pilot Officer K BBritish245
McGowan Flying Officer R ABritish46
McGowan Pilot Officer H WBritish92
McGrath Pilot Officer J KBritish601
McGregor Flight Lieutenant G RCanadian1(Can)(401)
McGregor Pilot Officer P RBritish46
McGregor Squadron Leader H DBritish213
McGregor Pilot Officer A JBritish504
McGugan Sergeant RBritish141
McHardy Pilot Officer E HNew Zealander248
McHardy Pilot Officer D B HBritish229
McInnes Pilot Officer ABritish601-238
McIntosh Sergeant P R CBritish151-605Killed
McIntyre Pilot Officer A GBritish111
McKay Sergeant D A SBritish501-421 Flt
McKellar Flight Lieutenant A ABritish605Killed
McKenzie Pilot Officer J WBritish111Killed*
McKie Sergeant E JBritish248
McKnight Pilot Officer W LCanadian242Killed
McLaughlin Sergeant J WBritish238
McLure Pilot Officer A C RBritish87Killed
McMahon Sergeant British235
McMullen Flying Officer D A PBritish222-54
McNab Squadron Leader E ACanadian1(Can)(401)-111
McNair Sergeant R JBritish249-3
McNay Sergeant ABritish73Killed*
McPhee Sergeant JBritish249-151
McPherson Flight Sergeant R RBritish65Killed
Meaker Pilot Officer J R BBritish249Killed*
Meares Squadron Leader British54
Measures Flight Lieutenant W E GBritish74-238
Medworth Sergeant JBritish25
Meeson Sergeant C VBritish56Killed
Melville Pilot Officer J CBritish264
Melville-Jackson Pilot Officer G HBritish236
Mercer Sergeant British609
Merchant Sergeant H JBritish1
Meredith Sergeant A DBritish242-141
Mermagen Squadron Leader H WBritish266-222
Merrett Sergeant J CBritish235
Merrick Pilot Officer CBritish610
Merryweather Sergeant S WBritish229Killed
Mesner Sergeant B WBritish248Killed*
Metcalfe Sergeant A CBritish604
Metham Sergeant JBritish253Killed
Meyer Sergeant R H RBritish236Killed
Michail Sergeant British501
Michiels Sergeant A C ABelgian235Died
Middlemiss Sergeant WBritish235
Middleton Pilot Officer British266
Mierzwa Pilot Officer BPolish303
Milburn Sergeant R ABritish601
Mildren Pilot Officer P RBritish54-66Killed
Mileham Pilot Officer D EBritish41Killed
Miles Sergeant E EBritish236
Miles Sergeant S FBritish23
Miley Pilot Officer M JBritish25Killed*
Millar Flying Officer W B NCanadian1(Can)(401)
Millard Pilot Officer J G PBritish1
Miller Flight Lieutenant A GBritish17-FIU
Miller Pilot Officer R F GAustralian609Killed*
Miller Sergeant A JBritish23
Miller Sergeant A CBritish604
Miller Sergeant T HBritish25Killed
Miller Flight Lieutenant R RBritish3Killed
Millington Pilot Officer W HAustralian79-249Killed*
Millist Pilot Officer K MBritish73-615Killed
Mills Squadron Leader R SBritish87
Mills Sergeant J PBritish43-249
Mills Sergeant J BBritish23
Milne Pilot Officer J ACanadian605
Milne Flying Officer R MBritish151
Milnes Sergeant A HBritish32
Mitchell Pilot Officer H Canadian87
Mitchell Flying Officer R GBritish257Killed*
Mitchell Flying Officer P H GBritish266
Mitchell Squadron Leader H MBritish25
Mitchell Sergeant GBritish23
Mitchell Pilot Officer G T MBritish609Killed
Mitchell Sergeant R RBritish229
Mitchell Sergeant H RNew Zealander3
Mitchell Sergeant British65
Moberley Flying Officer G EBritish616Killed*
Molson Flying Officer H de MCanadian1(Can)(401)
Monk Pilot Officer E W JBritish25Killed
Monk Sergeant D ABritish236
Montagu Squadron Leader G WBritish236Killed
Montague-Smith Flight Lieutenant A MBritish264
Montbon Sergeant Zavier deFree French64
Montgomery Sergeant H FBritish43Killed*
Montgomery Pilot Officer C RBritish614Killed*
Moody Pilot Officer H WBritish602Killed*
Moody Sergeant D GBritish604
Moore Sergeant A RBritish245-615-3
Moore Pilot Officer W RBritish264
Moore Sergeant P JBritish253Killed
Moore Flying Officer W SBritish236Killed
More Squadron Leader J W CBritish73Killed
Morewood Flight Lieutenant R E GBritish248
Morfill Flight Sergeant P FBritish501
Morgan Pilot Officer P JBritish238
Morgan-Gray Pilot Officer HBritish46Killed
Morris Pilot Officer E JSouth African79
Morris Pilot Officer G EBritishFIU
Morris Pilot Officer JBritish248
Morrison Sergeant NBritish54-74-72Killed
Morrison Sergeant J PBritish46-43Killed*
Morrough-Ryan Pilot Officer O BBritish41Killed
Mortimer Pilot Officer P ABritish257Died
Morton Pilot Officer J SBritish603
Moss(FAA) Sub Lieutenant W J MBritish213Killed*
Moss Sergeant R CBritish29
Mott Sergeant W HBritish141
Mottram Pilot Officer RBritish92Killed
Mouchette Adjutant RFree French615Killed
Mould Sergeant E ABritish74Killed
Moulton Sergeant E WBritish600
Mounsdon Pilot Officer M HBritish56
Mount Flying Officer C JBritish602
Mowat Flight Lieutenant N JNew Zealander245
Mowat Sergeant R IBritish248
Moynham Sergeant E F JBritish248Killed
Mrazek Pilot Officer KCzechoslovakian46
Mudie Pilot Officer M RBritish615Killed*
Mudry Sergeant MPolish79
Muirhead Flight Lieutenant I JBritish605Killed*
Mumler Wing Commander MPolish302
Mungo-Park Flying Officer J CBritish79-74Killed
Munn Flight Sergeant W SBritish29
Murch Flying Officer L CBritish253Died
Murland Sergeant W JBritish264
Murray Sergeant JBritish610
Murray Pilot Officer T BBritish616
Murray Squadron Leader A DBritish73-501
Murray Sergeant P HBritish23Killed
Naish Sergeant K EBritish235
Narucki Pilot Officer A RPolish607
Naughtin Sergeant H TBritish235Killed
Neer Sergeant British29
Neil Pilot Officer T FBritish249
Nelson Flying Officer W HCanadian74
Nelson Flight Sergeant DBritish235
Nelson-Edwards Pilot Officer G HBritish79
Nenage Sergeant T NBritish29Killed
Nesbitt Flying Officer A DCanadian1(Can)(401)
Neville Sergeant W JBritish610Killed*
Newbury Pilot Officer J CBritish609
Newbury Pilot Officer M ABritish145Killed
Newham Sergeant E ABritish235
Newling Pilot Officer M ABritish145Died
Newport Sergeant D VBritish235
Newton Sergeant H SBritish111
Newton Sergeant E FBritish29
Nicholas Flying Officer J B HBritish65
Nicholls Sergeant T G FBritish23Killed
Nicholls Sergeant D B FBritish151
Nichols Sergeant D HBritish56
Nicolson Flight Lieutenant J BBritish249Killed
Nicolson Sergeant B PBritish232Killed
Niemiec Flying Officer PPolish17
Nightingale Pilot Officer F GBritish219Killed
Niven Pilot Officer H GBritish601-602
Nixen Sergeant WBritish23Killed
Noble Sergeant W JBritish54
Noble Pilot Officer B RBritish79
Noble Sergeant DBritish43Killed*
Nokes-Cooper Flying Officer BBritish236Killed*
Norfolk Pilot Officer N RBritish72
Norris Flying Officer R WCanadian1(Can)(401)
Norris Flight Lieutenant S CBritish610
Norris Sergeant P PBritish213Killed*
North Pilot Officer GBritish257Killed
North Pilot Officer H RBritish43
North-Bomford Sergeant D JBritish17
Norwell Sergeant J KBritish54-41
Norwood Pilot Officer R K CBritish65
Nosowicz Pilot Officer ZPolish56
Nowak Pilot Officer TPolish253
Nowakiewicz Sergeant E J APolish302
Nowell(FAA) Sub Lieutenant W RBritish804
Nowierski Pilot Officer TPolish609
Nunn Pilot Officer S GBritish236
Nute Sergeant R R JBritish23Killed
Nutter Sergeant R CBritish257
Oaks Sergeant T WNew Zealander235
O’Brian Flying Officer P G StGCanadian247-152
O’Brien Squadron Leader J SBritish92-234Killed*
O’Brien Flight Lieutenant 247
O’Bryne Sergeant PBritish73-501
O’Connell Flying Officer ABritish264
Obelofse Pilot Officer J R SSouth African43Killed*
Odbert Squadron Leader N CBritish64
Offenberg Pilot Officer J H MBelgian145Killed
Ogilvie Pilot Officer D BBritish601
Ogilvie Flying Officer A KCanadian609
Oldfield Sergeant T GBritish64-92Killed*
O’Leary Sergeant A ABritish604
Olensen Pilot Officer W PBritish607Killed
Olenski Flying Officer ZPolish234-609
Olewinski Sergeant BPolish111Killed
Olive Flight Lieutenant C G CAustralian65
Oliver Pilot Officer PBritish611
Oliver Sergeant G CBritish23Killed
Olver Pilot Officer British603
O’Malley Flying Officer D H CBritish264Killed*
O’Manney Sergeant R JBritish229Killed
O’Meara Pilot Officer J JBritish421 Flt-64-72
O’Neill Flying Officer D HBritish611-41Killed*
O’Neill Flight Lieutenant J ABritish601-238
Orchard Sergeant H CBritish65Killed
Orgias Pilot Officer ENew Zealander23Killed*
Ortmans Pilot Officer P M MBelgian229Killed
Orzechowski Pilot Officer JPolish607
Osmand Pilot Officer A IBritish3-213
Ostowicz Flying Officer APolish145Killed*
Ottewill Sergeant P GBritish43
Overton Pilot Officer C NBritish43
Owen Sergeant A EBritish600
Owen Sergeant HBritish219
Owen Sergeant W GBritish235
Oxspring Flight Lieutenant R WBritish66
Page Pilot Officer A GBritish56
Page Sergeant W TBritish1Killed
Page Sergeant V OBritish610-601
Page Sergeant A JBritish257Killed
Page Flight Lieutenant C LBritish234
Page Sergeant A DBritish111Killed
Pain Pilot Officer J FBritish32Killed
Paisey Sergeant F GBritish235
Palak Sergeant JPolish303-302
Palliser Sergeant G C CBritish249-43
Palmer Sergeant N NBritish248Killed
Palusinski Pilot Officer J HPolish303
Pankratz Flight Lieutenant WPolish145Killed*
Pannell Sergeant G CNew Zealander3
Parke(FAA) Sub Lieutenant T R VBritish804Killed
Parker Sergeant British64-92Killed*
Parket Pilot Officer T CBritish79
Parker Sergeant D KBritish66
Parker Pilot Officer VBritish234Killed
Parker Wing Commander L RBritish611
Parkes Sergeant British501
Parkin Pilot Officer E GBritish501
Parkinson Sergeant CBritish238Killed*
Parnall Pilot Officer S BBritish607Killed*
Parnall Flight Lieutenant D GBritish249Killed*
Parr Sergeant L ABritish79
Parr Sergeant D JBritish29Killed
Parrott Flying Officer D TBritish19Killed
Parrott Flying Officer P LBritish145-605
Parrott Sergeant R JBritish32Killed
Parry Sergeant M EBritish604
Parry Sergeant EBritish23Killed
Parsons Sergeant E E New Zealander23
Parsons Sergeant C ABritish66-610Killed
Parsons Flying Officer P TBritish504Killed
Parsons Sergeant J GBritish235
Passy Flying Officer C WBritish605
Pasziewicz Flying Officer L WPolish303Killed*
Paterek Sergeant EPolish302-303Killed
Paterson(FAA) Sub Lieutenant BBritish804
Paterson Flight Lieutenant J ANew Zealander92Killed*
Patrick Sergeant L FBritish222
Patson Sergeant A GBritish604
Patten Flying Officer P FBritish64
Patterson(FAA) Midshipman P JBritish242Killed
Patterson Pilot Officer R LBritish235Killed*
Paterson(FAA) Sub Lieutenant N HBritish804Killed
Patterson Sergeant LJBritish501Killed
Pattison Flying Officer A J SBritish616-23-92Killed*
Pattison Sergeant K CBritish611Killed*
Pattison Flying Officer Canadian1(Can)(401)
Pattison Flying Officer J GBritish266
Pattullo Pilot Officer W B151-249-46Killed*
Pavitt Sergeant British235
Pavlu Sergeant OCzechoslovakian1Killed
Payne Sergeant A DBritish610
Payne Sergeant R IBritish23Killed*
Payne Pilot Officer R ABritish602Killed
Peachment Pilot Officer C B GBritish236
Peacock Sergeant W ABritish46Killed*
Peacock Flying Officer R JBritish235Killed
Peacock Sergeant D C605
Peacock-Edwards Pilot Officer S RBritish253-615
Pearce Sergeant L H BBritish32-249Killed
Pearce Sergeant P GBritish600Killed
Pearce Sergeant W JBritish236-23Killed
Pearce Sergeant RBritish29
Pearcy Sergeant D JBritish219Killed
Pearman Pilot Officer S JBritish141
Pearse Sergeant L LBritish236
Pearson Sergeant D EBritish236
Pearson Sergeant G WBritish501Killed*
Pearson Sergeant PBritish238Killed
Pease Pilot Officer A PBritish74-603Killed*
Pecha Sergeant JCzechoslovakian310
Peebles Sergeant WBritish235Killed
Peel Squadron Leader J R ABritish145
Peel Flying Officer C DBritish603Killed*
Pegge Pilot Officer C O JBritish610Killed
Pemberton Squadron Leader D ABritish1Killed
Penfold Pilot Officer P EBritish29
Penfold Sergeant W DBritish236
Penfold Flight Sergeant V W RBritish23
Pennington Pilot Officer D ABritish263-245
Pennington-Leigh Flight Lieutenant A WBritish232-248Killed
Pennycuick Sergeant BBritish236
Percy Pilot Officer H HBritish264Killed
Perkin Sergeant F SBritish73-421 Flt
Perrin Adjutant GFree French615-249
Perry Sergeant H TBritish23Killed*
Peters Flying Officer G C BBritish79Killed*
Peterson Flying Officer O JCanadian1(Can)(401)Killed*
Pettet Pilot Officer A HBritish248Killed
Pettit Sergeant H WBritish605-1Killed
Pexton Flying Officer R DBritish615
Pfeiffer Pilot Officer JPolish257-32
Phillipart Pilot Officer J A LBelgian213Killed*
Phillips Sergeant ABritish604
Phillips Flight Sergeant N TBritish65Killed*
Phillips Sergeant R F PBritish602
Phillips Pilot Officer E RBritish25Killed
Phillips Sergeant ABritish25Killed
Phillipson Sergeant J RBritish604Killed
Philo Pilot Officer R FBritish151
Piatkowski Pilot Officer SPolish79Piatkowski
Pickering Sergeant T GBritish501-32
Pickering Sergeant JBritish64
Pickering Pilot Officer J HBritish66Killed
Pickford Sergeant J TBritish604
Pidd Sergeant LBritish238Killed*
Pigg Flying Officer O StJBritish72Killed*
Pilkington Sergeant ABritish23
Pilkington-Miksa Pilot Officer W JPolish303
Pilch Pilot Officer EPolish302Killed
Pinckney Flying Officer D J CBritish603Killed
Pinfold Flight Lieutenant M HBritish56
Pinkham Squadron Leader P CBritish19Killed*
Pipa Sergeant JBritish43
Piper Sergeant A HBritish236
Pippard Pilot Officer H ABritish29
Pippett Flying Officer J GBritish64Killed
Pisarek Flying Officer MPolish303
Pitcher Flying Officer P BCanadian1(Can)(401)
Pittman Pilot Officer G EBritish17
Plant Sergeant R EBritish611-72Killed
Pledger Pilot Officer G F CBritish141Killed
Plinderleith Sergeant RBritish73
Plummer Flying Officer R PBritish46Killed*
Plzak Sergeant SCzechoslovakian310-19Killed
Pocock Sergeant M HBritish72
Pollard Pilot Officer P S CBritish611Killed
Pollard Sergeant J KBritish232Killed
Pond Flight Sergeant A H CBritish601
Ponting Pilot Officer W ABritish264Killed*
Pool Pilot Officer P DBritish266-72
Poole Sergeant E R LBritish604
Poplawski Pilot Officer JPolish111-229
Porter Sergeant J ABritish615-19-242
Porter Sergeant E FBritish141Killed
Porter Sergeant O WBritish111Killed
Posener Pilot Officer F HSouth African152Killed*
Poulton Pilot Officer H R CBritish64
Pound Sergeant R R CBritish25
Powell Flight Lieutenant R P RBritish111
Powell Sergeant S W MBritish141
Powell Pilot Officer R JBritish248Killed
Powell Sergeant EBritish25Killed
Powell-Shedden Flight Lieutenant GBritish242
Power Flight Lieutenant R MAustralian236
Prchal Sergeant E MCzechoslovakian310
Preater Sergeant S GBritish235
Prevot Pilot Officer L O JBelgian235
Priak Pilot Officer KBritish32-257Killed
Price Pilot Officer A OBritish236
Price Sergeant N A JBritish236
Price Sergeant R BBritish245-222-73Killed
Price Sergeant JBritish29
Priestley Flying Officer British235
Pritchard Flight Lieutenant C ABritish600
Proctor Sergeant JBritish602Killed
Proctor Pilot Officer J ENew Zealander32
Prosser Sergeant P RBritish235Killed
Proudman Sergeant D HBritish248Died
Prowse Pilot Officer H A RBritish256-603
Ptacek Sergeant RCzechoslovakian43Killed
Puda Sergeant RCzechoslovkian310-605
Pudney(FAA) Sub Lieutenant G BBritish64Killed
Pugh Sergeant J SBritish25
Pugh Flight Lieutenant T PBritish263Killed
Pushman Pilot Officer G RCanadian23
Putt Flight Lieutenant A RBritish501
Puxley Sergeant W G VBritish236
Pye Sergeant J WBritish25
Pyman Pilot Officer L LBritish65Killed*
Pyne Sergeant C CNew Zealander219
Quelch Sergeant B HBritish235
Quill Flying Officer J KBritish65
Quinn Sergeant JBritish236
Rabagliati Flight Lieutenant A CBritish46Killed
Rabone Pilot Officer P WBritish145Killed
Rabone Flying Officer J H MBritish604
Radomski Pilot Officer JPolish303
Radwanski Pilot Officer GPolish151-56-607
Rafter Pilot Officer R FBritish603
Raine Sergeant WBritish610Killed
Rains Sergeant D NBritish248Killed
Ralls Sergeant L FBritish605
Ramsay Sergeant N H DBritish610-222
Ramsay Pilot Officer J BBritish151Killed*
Ramsay Sergeant J SBritish235Killed
Ramshaw Sergeant J WBritish222Killed*
Rasmussen Sergeant L A WNew Zealander264Killed*
Ravenhill Pilot Officer MBritish229Killed*
Rawlence Pilot Officer A JBritish600
Rawnsley Sergeant C FBritish604
Ray Sergeant British56
Raymond Flying Officer PBritish609
Rayner Pilot Officer R M SBritish87
Read Flying Officer W A ABritish603
Ream Sergeant C ABritish235
Reardon-Parker(FAA) Sub Lieutenant JBritish804
Reddington Sergeant L A EBritish152Killed*
Redfern Sergeant E ABritish232Killed
Redman Pilot Officer JBritish257-245-43Killed
Reece Sergeant L H MBritish235Killed*
Reed Sergeant HBritish600
Rees Pilot Officer B VBritish610
Reid Pilot Officer RBritish46Killed
Reilley Pilot Officer H WCanadian64-66Killed*
Reilly Sergeant C CNew Zealander23Killed
Renvoize Sergeant J VBritish247
Reynell Flight Lieutenant R CAustralian43Killed*
Reyno Flight Lieutenant E MCanadian1(Can)(401)
Rhodes Pilot Officer R ABritish29Killed
Rhodes-Moorehouse Flying Officer W HBritish601Killed*
Ricalton Pilot Officer A LBritish74Killed*
Rich Sergeant P GBritish25
Richards(FAA) Sub Lieutenant D HBritish111Died
Richards Sergeant W CBritish235Killed
Richardson Sergeant EBritish242
Richardson Squadron Leader W ABritish141
Richardson Sergeant R WBritish610
Richardson Sergeant British141
Ricketts Sergeant H WBritish235Killed
Ricketts Pilot Officer V ABritish248Killed
Ricks Sergeant L P V JCanadian235
Riddell-Hannam Sergeant J DBritish236
Riddle Flying Officer C JBritish601
Riddle Flying Officer H JBritish601
Ridley Sergeant MBritish616Killed*
Rigby Pilot Officer R HBritish236Killed*
Riley Flight Lieutenant WBritish302Killed
Riley Pilot Officer FBritish236Killed
Rimmet Flight Lieutenant R FBritish229Killed*
Ringwood Sergeant E ABritish248Killed*
Ripley Sergeant W GBritish604Died
Rippon Pilot Officer A JBritish601Killed
Riseley Sergeant A HBritish600
Ritcher Pilot Officer G LBritish234
Ritchie Sergeant R DBritish605Killed
Ritchie Pilot Officer I SBritish603
Ritchie Pilot Officer J RBritish111
Ritchie Pilot Officer T G FBritish602Killed
Ritchie Pilot Officer J HBritish141
Ritchie Pilot Officer J RBritish600
Roach Pilot Officer R J BBritish266
Robb Pilot Officer R A LBritish236
Robbins Pilot Officer R HBritish54-66
Roberts Wing Commander D NBritish609-328
Roberts Sergeant A J ABritish29
Roberts Pilot Officer RBritish615-64
Roberts Sergeant D FBritish25Killed
Roberts Sergeant E CBritish23
Roberts(FAA) Midshipman G WBritish808Killed
Robertson Sergeant F NBritish66Killed
Robertson SergeantBritish56
Robertson Sergeant B LBritish54Killed
Robinson Flight Lieutenant A LBritish222Died
Robinson Sergeant D NBritish152
Robinson Sergeant JBritish111Died
Robinson Pilot Officer J C EBritish1Killed
Robinson Flight Lieutenant M LBritish610-619-238-66Killed
Robinson Pilot Officer GBritish264
Robinson Squadron Leader M W SBritish73
Robinson Flight Lieutenant P BBritish601
Robinson Sergeant P E MBritish56Killed
Robinson Sergeant P TBritish257
Robinson Squadron Leader MBritish616
Robshaw Pilot Officer F ABritish229
Robson Pilot Officer N C HBritish72Killed
Roden Sergeant H A CBritish19Died
Roff Pilot Officer B JBritish25Killed
Rogers Pilot Officer B ABritish242Killed
Rogers Sergeant G WBritish234Killed
Rogers Pilot Officer E BBritish501-615
Rogowski Sergeant JPolish303-74
Rohacek Pilot Officer R BCzechoslovakian238-601Killed
Rolls Sergeant W T EBritish72
Roman Pilot Officer C LBelgian236
Romanis Sergeant A LBritish25Killed
Rook Flight Lieutenant A HBritish504
Rook Pilot Officer MBritish504
Roscoe Flying Officer G LBritish87Killed
Rose Flying Officer JBritish32-3
Rose Pilot Officer S NBritish602
Rose Sergeant J SBritish23Killed
Rose Pilot Officer E B MBritish234Killed
Rose-Price Pilot Officer A TBritish501Killed*
Rosier Squadron Leader F EBritish229
Ross Pilot Officer J KBritish17Killed
Ross Pilot Officer A RBritish25-610Killed
Rothwell Pilot Officer J HBritish601-605-32Killed
Round Sergeant J HBritish248Killed*
Rourke Sergeant JBritish248
Rouse Sergeant G WBritish236
Rowden Pilot Officer J HBritish64-616Killed
Rowell Sergeant P ABritish249
Rowley Pilot Officer R M BBritish145Killed
Royce Flying Officer M E ABritish504
Royce Flying Officer W BBritish504
Rozwadwski Pilot Officer MPolish151Killed*
Rozycki Pilot Officer WBritish238
Ruddock Sergeant W SBritish23
Rudland Sergeant C PBritish263
Rushmer Flight Lieutenant F WBritish603Killed
Russell Flight Lieutenant H a’bBritish32
Russell Flying Officer B DCanadian1(Can)(401)
Russell Sergeant New Zealander264
Russell Pilot Officer G HBritish236
Russell Sergeant A GBritish43
Russell Pilot Officer British141
Russell(FAA) Lieutenant G FBritish804Killed
Rust Sergeant C ABritish85-249
Ruston Flight Lieutenant PBritish604Died
Rutter Pilot Officer R DBritish73
Ryalls Pilot Officer D LBritish29-FIUKilled
Ryder Flight Lieutenant E NBritish41
Rypl Pilot Officer FCzechoslovakian310
Sadler Pilot Officer N ABritish235Killed
Sadler Flight Sergeant H SBritish611Killed
St Aubin Flying Officer E FBritish616Killed
St John Pilot Officer P C BBritish74Killed*
Salmon Flying Officer H N EBritish1-229
Salway Sergeant EBritish141Killed
Samolinski Pilot Officer W M CPolish253Killed*
Sample Squadron Leader JBritish504Killed
Sampson Sergeant ABritish23
Sanders Squadron Leader F JBritish92
Sanders Flight Lieutenant J GBritish615
Sandifer Sergeant A KBritish604
Sargent Sergeant R E BBritish219
Sarre Sergeant A RBritish603
Sasak Sergeant WPolish32Killed
Satchell Squadron Leader W A JBritish302
Saunders Pilot Officer C HBritish92
Saunders Flight Lieutenant G A WBritish65
Savage Sergeant T WBritish64Killed
Savill Sergeant J EBritish242-151
Saville Sergeant British501Killed
Saward Sergeant C JBritish615-501
Sawice Flying Officer TPolish303
Sawyer Squadron Leader H CBritish65Killed*
Sayers Flight Sergeant J EBritish41
Schollar Pilot Officer E CBritish248
Schumer Pilot Officer F HBritish600Killed
Schwind Flight Lieutenant LHBritish257-213Killed*
Sclanders Pilot Officer K MCanadian242Killed*
Scott Sergeant A EBritish73Killed
Scott Sergeant G WBritish64-19
Scott Sergeant New Zealander246
Scott Sergeant EBritish222Killed*
Scott Sergeant J ABritish611-74Killed*
Scott Flight Lieutenant D RBritish605
Scott Pilot Officer A M WBritish3-607Killed
Scott Pilot Officer D SBritish73
Scott Flying Officer W J MBritish41Killed*
Scott Flying Officer R HBritish604
Scott Sergeant British422 Flt
Scott-Malden Pilot Officer F D SBritish611-603
Scrase Flying Officer G E TBritish600Killed
Seabourne Sergeant E WBritish238
Sears Pilot Officer L ABritish145Killed*
Secretan Pilot Officer DBritish72-54
Seda Sergeant KCzechoslovakian310
Sedoon Pilot Officer J WBritish601Killed
Seghers Pilot Officer E G ABelgian46-32Killed
Sellers Sergeant R FBritish45-111
Selway Flying Officer J BBritish604
Senior Sergeant J NBritish23Killed
Senior Sergeant BBritish600
Seredyn Sergeant APolish32
Service Sergeant ABritish29Killed
Sewell Sergeant D ABritish17Killed
Shanahan Sergeant M MBritish1Killed*
Shand Pilot Officer British54
Sharman Pilot Officer H RBritish248
Sharp Pilot Officer L MBritish111Killed
Sharp Sergeant B RBritish235Killed*
Sharp Sergeant R JBritish236
Sharply Sergeant HBritish234Killed
Sharratt Sergeant W GBritish248Killed
Shaw Pilot Officer R HBritish1Killed*
Shaw Flying Officer I GBritish264Killed*
Shaw(FAA) Petty Officer F JBritish804Killed
Shead Sergeant H F WBritish257-32
Sheard Sergeant HBritish236Killed
Sheen Flying Officer D F BAustralian72
Shepherd Sergeant F WBritish264Killed
Shepley Pilot Officer D CBritish152Killed*
Sheppard Sergeant British236
Sheppard Sergeant J BBritish234Killed
Shepherd Sergeant G EBritish219Killed*
Sheppherd Sergeant E EBritish152Killed*
Shepherd Sergeant F E RBritish611Killed*
Sheridan Sergeant SBritish236
Sherrington Pilot Officer T B ABritish92
Shewel Sergeant British236
Shipman Pilot Officer E ABritish41
Shirley Sergeant S H JBritish604Killed
Shorrocks Pilot Officer N BBritish235Killed*
Shuttleworth Pilot Officer Lord R U P Kay-British145Killed*
Sibley Sergeant F ABritish238Killed*
Sika Sergeant JCzechoslovakian43
Silk Sergeant F HBritish111
Silver Sergeant W GBritish152Killed*
Silvestor Sergeant G FBritish229
Sim Sergeant R BBritish111Killed
Simmons Pilot Officer V CBritish238
Simpson Flying Officer G MNew Zealander229Killed*
Simpson Flight Lieutenant J W CBritish43Died
Simpson Pilot Officer P JBritish111-64
Simpson Pilot Officer L WBritish141-264
Sims Sergeant I RBritish248Killed
Sims Pilot Officer J ABritish3-232
Sinclair Flying Officer G LBritish310
Sinclair Pilot Officer JBritish219
Sing Flight Lieutenant J E JBritish213
Sizer Pilot Officer W MBritish213
Skalski Pilot Officer SPolish501-615
Skillen Sergeant V HBritish29Killed
Skinner Sergeant W MBritish74
Skinner Flying Officer C D EBritish604
Skinner Flight Lieutenant S HBritish604Killed
Skowron Sergeant HPolish303Killed
Slade Sergeant J WBritish64Killed
Slatter Pilot Officer D MBritish141Killed*
Sleigh(FAA) Lieutenant J WBritish804
Slouf Sergeant VCzechoslovakian312
Sly Sergeant O KBritish29Killed*
Smallman Sergeant JBritish23
Smart Pilot Officer TBritish65Killed
Smith Sergeant A DBritish66Killed*
Smith Pilot Officer D N EBritish74Killed
Smith Pilot Officer EBritish219
Smith Flying Officer D SBritish616Killed*
Smith Squadron Leader A TBritish610Killed*
Smith Pilot Officer E B BBritish610
Smith Flight Lieutenant F MBritish72
Smith Pilot Officer I SNew Zealander151
Smith Pilot Officer J DCanadian73Killed
Smith Flight Lieutenant R LBritish151
Smith Sergeant K BBritish257Killed*
Smith Pilot Officer R RCanadian229
Smith Flight Lieutenant W ABritish229
Smith Pilot Officer P RBritish25Killed
Smith Flight Lieutenant C D SBritish25Killed
Smith Pilot Officer A WBritish141Killed
Smith(FAA) Sub Lieutenant F ABritish145Killed*
Smith Pilot Officer A JBritish74
Smith Sergeant R CBritish236Killed
Smith Pilot Officer E LBritish604
Smith Sergeant W BBritish602
Smith Flying Officer E SBritish600
Smith Sergeant L EBritish234-602
Smith Sergeant St JamesBritish600Killed
Smith Sergeant FBritish604Killed
Smith Sergeant G EBritish254
Smith Sergeant ABritish600Killed
Smith Sergeant LBritish219
Smith Sergeant P RBritish236Killed
Smith Sergeant N H JBritish235
Smith Sergeant E CBritish600
Smith Flight Lieutenant W O LBritish263Killed
Smithers Pilot Officer J LBritish601Killed*
Smithers Flying Officer RCanadian1(Can)(401)Killed*
Smithson Sergeant RBritish249Killed
Smyth Sergeant R HBritish111
Smythe Sergeant GBritish56
Smythe Pilot Officer R FBritish32
Smythe Flying Officer D M ABritish264
Snape Sergeant W GBritish25Killed
Snell Pilot Officer V RBritish501-151
Snowden Sergeant E GBritish213Killed
Soars Sergeant H JBritish74
Sobbey Sergeant E ABritish235Killed
Soden Pilot Officer JFBritish266-603Killed
Solak Pilot Officer J JPolish151-249
Soloman Pilot Officer N DBritish17Killed*
Sones Sergeant L CBritish605
Southall Sergeant GBritish2Killed
Southorn Sergeant G ABritish235
Southwell Pilot Officer J SBritish245Killed
Spears Sergeant British421 Flt
Spears Sergeant A W PBritish222
Speke Pilot Officer HBritish604Killed
Spence Pilot Officer D J New Zealander245Killed
Spencer Squadron Leader D G JBritish266
Spencer Sergeant G HBritish504
Spiers Sergeant A HBritish236
Spires Sergeant J HBritish235
Sprague Sergeant M HBritish602Killed*
Sprague Pilot Officer H ACanadian3
Sprenger Flying Officer Canadian1(Can)(401)
Spurdle Pilot Officer R LNew Zealander74
Spyer Sergeant R ABritish607Killed
Squier Sergeant J W CBritish64
Stanger Sergeant N MNew Zealander235
Stanley Pilot Officer D ABritish64Killed
Stanley Sergeant D ONew Zealander151Killed
Stansfield Flying Officer W KBritish242-229
Staples Sergeant R C JBritish72
Staples Sergeant LBritish151
Staples Pilot Officer M EBritish609Killed
Stapleton Pilot Officer B GBritish603
Starll Sergeant British601
Starr Squadron Leader H MBritish245-253Killed*
Stavert Pilot Officer C MBritish1-504
Steadman Sergeant D JBritish245
Steborowski Flying Officer M JPolish238Killed*
Steele Sergeant R MBritish235
Steere Flight Sergeant HBritish19Killed
Steere Flight Sergeant JBritish72
Stefan Sergeant JCzechoslovakian1
Stegman Pilot Officer SPolish111-229
Stehlik Sergeant JCzechoslovakian312
Stein Pilot Officer DBritish263Killed
Stenhouse Flying Officer JBritish43
Stephen Pilot Officer H MBritish74
Stephens Pilot Officer M MBritish232-3
Stephens Sergeant CBritish23Killed*
Stephenson Flight Lieutenant P J TBritish607
Stephenson Flying Officer I RBritish264Killed
Stephenson Pilot Officer S PBritish85
Sterbacek Pilot Officer JCzechoslovakian310Killed
Stevens Sergeant GBritish213
Stevens Pilot Officer L WBritish17Killed
Stevens Pilot Officer RPBritish151Killed
Stevens Pilot Officer E JBritish141
Stevens Sergeant W RBritish23
Stevens Sergeant R EBritish29Killed*
Stevenson Pilot Officer P C FBritish74Killed
Steward Sergeant G ABritish17Killed
Stewart Sergeant C N DBritish604Killed
Stewart Pilot Officer CNew Zealander222-54Killed
Stewart Pilot Officer D G ABritish615Killed
Stewart Sergeant H GBritish236
Stewart-Clarke Pilot Officer DBritish603Killed
Stickney Flight Lieutenant P A MBritish235
Stillwell Sergeant R LBritish65
Stock Sergeant EBritish604
Stocks Sergeant N JBritish248Killed*
Stockwell(FAA) Petty Officer W E JBritish804
Stoddart Flight Lieutenant K MBritish611
Stokes Pilot Officer R WBritish264Killed
Stokde Sergeant JBritish603
Stokde Sergeant SBritish29Killed
Stone Flight Lieutenant C A CBritish249-254
Stone Sergeant T F EBritish72
Stones Pilot Officer D W ABritish79
Stoney Flight Lieutenant G E BBritish501Killed*
Stoodley Sergeant D RBritish43Killed*
Storie Pilot Officer J MBritish607-615
Storrar Sergeant British421 Flt
Storrar Pilot Officer J EBritish145-73
Storray Squadron Leader British501
Storrie Pilot Officer A JBritish264Killed
Straight Pilot Officer W WBritish601
Strange Pilot Officer J TNew Zealander2353
Streathfiend Squadron Leader V C FBritish248
Stretch Sergeant R RBritish235
Strickland Pilot Officer C DBritish615Killed
Strickland Pilot Officer J MBritish213Died
Strihauka Flight Sergeant JCzechoslovakian310
Stroud Sergeant G ABritish249
Stuart Sergeant MBritish23
Stuckey Sergeant S GBritish213Killed*
Studd Pilot Officer J A PBritish66Killed*
Stuidak Sergeant APolish302-303Killed*
Sulman J EBritish607Killed
Summers Sergeant R B GBritish219
Sumner Sergeant FBritish23Killed
Sumpter Sergeant C H SBritish604
Surma Pilot Officer FPolish151-607-257Killed
Sutcliffe Sergeant W ABritish610Killed
Sutherland Pilot Officer I WBritish19Killed*
Sutton Pilot Officer F CBritish264
Sutton Pilot Officer F BBritish56
Sutton Pilot Officer J R GBritish611Killed
Sutton Pilot Officer NBritish72Killed*
Sutton Sergeant H RBritish235
Sutton Flying Officer K RNew Zealander264
Sutton Pilot Officer NBritish611
Swanwick Sergeant G WBritish54
Swanwick Sergeant British141
Switch Sergeant LPolish54
Sword-Daniels Pilot Officer A TBritish25
Sydney Flight Sergeant CBritish266-92Killed*
Sykes(FAA) Sub Lieutenant J H CBritish64
Sykes Sergeant D BBritish145
Sylvester Pilot Officer E J HBritish501Killed*
Sylvester Sergeant British245
Symonds Sergeant J EBritish236
Szafranciec Sergeant WPolish151-56-607Killed
Szaposznikow Flying Officer EPolish303
Szczesny Pilot Officer HPolish74
Szlagowski Sergeant JPolish234-152
Szulkowski Pilot Officer WPolish65Killed*
Tabor Sergeant British152
Tabor Sergeant GBritish65
Tait Flying Officer K WBritish87
Talman Pilot Officer J MBritish213-145Killed
Talman Pilot Officer British151
Tamblyn Pilot Officer H NCanadian242-141Killed
Tanner Flight Sergeant J HBritish610Killed*
Tate Sergeant British604
Tatnell Sergeant R FBritish235Killed
Taylor(FAA) Petty Officer D EBritish808
Taylor Flying Officer D MBritish64
Taylor Pilot Officer RBritish235Died
Taylor Sergeant KBritish29
Taylor Sergeant R NBritish601Killed
Taylor Sergeant R H WBritish604Killed
Taylor Sergeant G NBritish236
Taylor Sergeant G SNew Zealander3
Taylor Sergeant E FBritish29-600Killed
Taylour(FAA) Lieutenant E W TBritish808Killed
Tearle Sergeant F JBritish600
Temlett Pilot Officer C BBritish3Killed
Terry Sergeant P A R R ABritish72-603
Tew Flight Sergeant P HBritish54
Thatcher Pilot Officer British32
Theasby Sergeant A JBritish25Killed
Theilmann Flight Sergeant J GBritish234
Thomas Sergeant British247Killed
Thomas Sergeant British236
Thomas Sergeant G SBritish604
Thomas Flying Officer E HBritish222-266
Thomas Flight Lieutenant F MBritish152
Thomas Pilot Officer S RBritish264
Thomas Flying Officer C R DBritish236Killed*
Thomas Pilot Officer R CBritish235Killed*
Thompson Flying Officer A R FBritish249
Thompson Flight Lieutenant J ABritish302
Thompson Flying Officer R ABritish72
Thompson Squadron Leader J MBritish111
Thompson Pilot Officer P DBritish605-32
Thompson Flying Officer T RBritish213
Thompson Pilot Officer F NBritish248
Thompson Sergeant W WBritish234
Thompson Sergeant J BBritish25Killed
Thompson Sergeant J RBritish236Killed
Thorn Sergeant E RBritish264Killed
Thorogood Sergeant L ABritish87
Thorpe Sergeant British145
Tidman Pilot Officer A RBritish64Killed
Till Sergeant JBritish248Killed
Tillard(FAA) Lieutenant R CBritish808Killed
Tillett Pilot Officer JBritish238Killed
Titley Pilot Officer E GBritish609Killed
Tobin Pilot Officer E QAmerican609Killed
Tomlinson Pilot Officer P ABritish29
Tongue Pilot Officer R EBritish3-504
Toogood Sergeant British43Killed
Toombs Sergeant J RBritish236-264
Topham Pilot Officer J GBritish219
Topolnicki Flying Officer JPolish601Killed
Touch Sergeant D FBritish235Killed
Tower-Perkins Pilot Officer WBritish238
Townsend Squadron Leader P WBritish85
Townsend Sergeant T WBritish600
Tracey Pilot Officer O VBritish79Killed
Trevana Flying Officer Canadian1(Can)(401)
Trousdale Pilot Officer R MNew Zealander266Killed
Trueman Flying Officer A A GCanadian253Killed*
Truhlar Sergeant FCzechoslovakian312
Trumble Flight Lieutenant A JBritish264
Truran Pilot Officer A J JBritish615
Tuck Flight Lieutenant R R SBritish92-257
Tucker Flying Officer A BBritish151
Tucker Pilot Officer B EBritish266-66
Tucker Sergeant R YBritish235Killed
Tucker Sergeant F DBritish236
Turley-George Pilot Officer D RBritish54
Turnbull Sergeant R NBritish25
Turner Flying Officer R SCanadian242
Turner Flight Sergeant GBritish32
Turner Flight Lieutenant D EBritish238Killed*
Turner Sergeant R CBritish264Killed*
Tweed Sergeant L JBritish111
Twitchett Sergeant F JBritish229-43
Tyrer Sergeant EBritish46
Tyson Squadron Leader F HBritish213-3
Unett Sergeant J WBritish235Killed
Unwin Flight Sergeant G CBritish19
Upton Pilot Officer H CBritish43-607
Urbanowicz Flying Officer WPolish145-303-601
Urwin-Mann Pilot Officer J RBritish238
Usmar Sergeant FBritish41
Van-Den Hove Pilot Officer Belgian501-43Killed
Van-Lierde Pilot Officer W EBelgian87
Van-Mentz Pilot Officer BBelgian222Killed
Van-Wayen Berghe Pilot Officer A A LBelgian236Killed*
Varley Pilot Officer G WBritish247-79
Vasatko Pilot Officer ACzechoslovakian312Killed
Velebrnovski Pilot Officer ACzechoslovakian1Killed
Venesden Sergeant F ABelgian235Killed
Venn Pilot Officer J ABritish236
Verity Pilot Officer V B SNew Zealander229
Vesely Pilot Officer VCzechoslovakian312
Vick Squadron Leader J ABritish607
Vigors Pilot Officer T ABritish222
Viles Sergeant L WBritish236
Villa Flight Lieutenant British72-92
Vincent Group Captain S FBritish229
Vindis Sergeant FCzechoslovakian310
Vinyard Sergeant F FBritish64Killed*
Vlad Pilot Officer Czechoslovakian501
Vokes Pilot Officer A FBritish19Killed
Vopalecky Warrant Officer Czechoslovakian310
Vrana Flying Officer Czechoslovakian312
Vybiral Pilot Officer TCzechoslovakian312
Vykdural Pilot Officer K JCzechoslovakian111-73Killed
Waddingham Pilot Officer JBritish141Died
Wade Pilot Officer T SBritish92Killed
Wadham Sergeant J VBritish145Killed*
Waghorn Sergeant British249-111
Wagner Sergeant A DBritish151Killed
Wainwright Pilot Officer A GBritish151Killed
Wainwright Pilot Officer M TBritish64
Wake Sergeant British264
Wakefield Pilot Officer H KBritish235
Wakeham Pilot Officer E C JBritish145Killed*
Wakeling Sergeant S R EBritish87Killed*
Walch Flight Lieutenant S CAustralian238Killed*
Walker Sergeant SBritish236Killed
Walker Sergeant ANew Zealander600
Walker Flying Officer J H GBritish25Killed
Walker Sergeant N McDBritish615Killed
Walker Pilot Officer W L BBritish616
Walker Pilot Officer J ACanadian111
Walker Pilot Officer J RCanadian611-41Killed
Walker Pilot Officer British616
Walker Sergeant G ABritish232
Walker Pilot Officer R JBritish72
Walker-Smith Sergeant F RBritish85Killed
Wallace Pilot Officer C A BCanadian3Killed
Wallace Sergeant T YBritish111Killed
Wallen Flight Lieutenant D SBritish604
Wallens Pilot Officer R WBritish41
Waller Sergeant G ABritish29
Walley Sergeant P KBritish615Killed*
Wallis Sergeant D SBritish235Killed
Walsh Sergeant EBritish141
Walsh Pilot Officer J JCanadian615Died
Walsh(FAA) Sub Lieutenant R W MBritish111
Walton Sergeant British152
Walton Sergeant hBritish87
Want Sergeant W HBritish248Killed*
Wapniarek Pilot Officer SPolish302Killed*
Ward Sergeant R ABritish66Killed*
Ward Sergeant W BBritish604
Ward Flying Officer D HNew Zealander87Killed
Ward Pilot Officer J LBritish32Killed
Ward Squadron Leader E FBritish601
Warden Sergeant N PBritish610Killed
Ward-Smith Sergeant PBritish610
Ware Sergeant R TBritish3
Wareham Pilot Officer M PBritish1Killed
Wareing Sergeant P TBritish616
Waring Sergeant WBritish23
Warmsley Sergeant H WBritish248Killed
Warner Flight Lieutenant W H CBritish610Killed*
Warren Sergeant SBritish1
Warren Sergeant T ABritish236
Warren Sergeant J B WBritish600Killed
Warren Pilot Officer CBritish152
Warren Pilot Officer K A PBritish248Killed
Waterston Flying Officer R McGBritish603Killed*
Watkins Flying Officer D HBritish611
Watkinson Pilot Officer A BSouth African66
Watling Pilot Officer W CBritish92Killed
Watson Sergeant J GBritish604
Watson Pilot Officer A RBritish152Killed
Watson Pilot Officer E JBritish605Killed
Watson Pilot Officer L GBritish29
Watson Flying Officer R FBritish87
Watson Pilot Officer British64
Watson Pilot Officer F SCanadian3Killed
Watters Pilot Officer JNew Zealander236
Watts Pilot Officer R FBritish253
Watts Sergeant E LBritish248Killed
Watts Sergeant R D HBritish235Killed*
Way Pilot Officer L B RBritish229
Way Flight Lieutenant B HBritish54Killed*
Wczelik Flying Officer Polish302Killed
Weaver Flight Lieutenant P SBritish56Killed*
Webb Flying Officer P CBritish602
Webber Pilot Officer W F PBritish141
Webber Sergeant JBritish1
Weber Pilot Officer FCzechoslovakian145
Webster Flight Lieutenant J TBritish41Killed*
Webster Pilot Officer F KBritish610Killed*
Webster Sergeant H GBritish73Killed
Webster Sergeant E RBritish85
Wedgewood Flight Lieutenant J HBritish253Killed
Wedlock Sergeant G VBritish235
Wedzik Sergeant MPolish302
Weir Pilot Officer A N CBritish145Killed
Welch Sergeant EBritish604Killed
Welford Pilot Officer G H EBritish607
Wellam Pilot Officer G H ABritish92
Wells Pilot Officer E PNew Zealander41-266
Wells Flying Officer P H VBritish249
Wells Pilot Officer M LBritish248
Welsh Pilot Officer T DBritish254
Wendel Pilot Officer K VNew Zealander504Killed*
West Squadron Leader HBritish151-41
West Pilot Officer D RBritish141
Westcott Sergeant W H JBritish235
Westlake Pilot Officer G HBritish43-213
Westlake Pilot Officer R DBritish235
Westmacott Flying Officer I BBritish56
Westmoreland Sergeant T EBritish616Killed*
Whall Sergeant B E PBritish602Killed*
Wheatcroft Pilot Officer N RBritish604Killed
Wheeler Pilot Officer N JBritish615
Whelan Sergeant JBritish64-19
Whinney Pilot Officer M TBritish3
Whipps Sergeant G ABritish602Killed
Whitbread Pilot Officer H LBritish222Killed*
Whitby Sergeant A WBritish79
White Pilot Officer B EBritish504Killed
White Sergeant J WBritish32-3-FIU
White Squadron Leader F LBritish74
White Sergeant JBritish72Killed
White Sergeant British604
White Sergeant RBritish235
White Sergeant JBritish248Died
Whitehead Sergeant CBritish56Killed
Whitehead Sergeant R OBritish253-151
Whitehouse Pilot Officer British32
Whitehouse Sergeant S A HBritish501
Whitfield Sergeant J JBritish56Killed*
Whitley Squadron Leader E WNew Zealander245
Whitley Pilot Officer DBritish264Killed*
Whitney Pilot Officer D MNew Zealander245
Whitsun Sergeant A DBritish236Killed
Whittick Sergeant H GBritish604
Whittingham Flying Officer C DBritish151
Whitty Flying Officer W H RBritish607
Whitwell Sergeant PNew Zealander600Killed
Wickings-Smith Pilot Officer P CBritish235Killed*
Wickins Sergeant A SBritish141
Wicks Pilot Officer B JBritish56Killed
Widdows Squadron Leader S CBritish29
Wigg Pilot Officer R GNew Zealander65
Wigglesworth Pilot Officer J SBritish238Killed
Wight Flight Lieutenant R D GBritish213Killed*
Wightman(FAA) Midshipman O MBritish151Killed
Wilcock Sergeant CBritish248Died
Wilcox Pilot Officer E JBritish72Killed*
Wildblood Pilot Officer T SBritish152Killed*
Wilde Pilot Officer D CBritish236
Wilkes Sergeant G NBritish213Killed*
Wilkinson Squadron Leader R LBritish266Killed*
Wilkinson Sergeant W ABritish501
Wilkinson Sergeant K ABritish616
Wilkinson Flight Lieutenant R CBritish3
Willans Pilot Officer A JBritish23Killed
Willcocks Sergeant P HBritish610-66Killed
Willcocks Sergeant C P LBritish610
Williams Squadron Leader C WBritish17Killed*
Williams Pilot Officer D GBritish92Killed*
Williams Flight Sergeant E EBritish46Killed*
Williams Flying Officer T DBritish611
Williams Pilot Officer W DBritish152
Williams Pilot Officer W SNew Zealander266Killed
Williams Sergeant G TBritish219
Williams Pilot Officer D CBritish141Killed
Williams Pilot Officer ABritish604
Willis Sergeant New Zealander600
Willis Sergeant R FBritish219Killed
Willis Sergeant W CBritish73-3Killed
Wilsch Pilot Officer British141
Wilsden Sergeant A ABritish29Killed
Wilson Flying Officer D SBritish610
Wilson Pilot Officer R RCanadian111Killed*
Wilson Pilot Officer D FBritish141
Wilson Sergeant W CBritish29
Wilson Sergeant WBritish235
Wilson-MacDonald Squadron Leader D SBritish213
Wingfield Sergeant VBritish29Killed
Winn Pilot Officer C VBritish29
Winskill Pilot Officer A LBritish603-54-72
Winstanley Sergeant JBritish151
Winter Pilot Officer D CBritish72Killed*
Wnter Pilot Officer R ABritish247
Wise Sergeant J EBritish141Killed*
Wiseman Pilot Officer W DBritish600
Wissler Pilot Officer D HBritish17Killed
Withall Flight Lieutenant L CAustralian152Killed*
Witorzenc Flying Officer SPolish501
Wlasnowolski Pilot Officer BPolish607-32-213Killed
Wojcicki Sergeant APolish213Killed*
Wojciechowski Sergeant MPolish303Killed
Wojtowicz Sergeant SPolish303Killed*
Wolfe Squadron Leader E CBritish141-219
Wolton Sergeant RBritish152
Wood Sergeant S VBritish248
Wood Sergeant K RBritish23Killed
Woodgate Sergeant J EBritish141Killed
Woodger Pilot Officer D NBritish235Killed*
Woodland Sergeant N NBritish236
Woods-Scawen Pilot Officer C ABritish43Killed*
Woods-Scawen Flying Officer P PBritish85Killed*
Woodward Flying Officer H JBritish64-23Killed*
Woodward Pilot Officer R SBritish600Killed
Woolley Sergeant A WBritish601Killed
Wootten Pilot Officer E WBritish234
Wordsworth Pilot Officer D K ABritish235Killed
Worrall Squadron Leader JBritish32
Worrall(FAA) Sub Lieutenant T VBritish111Killed
Worall Pilot Officer P ABritish85-249Killed
Worsdell Pilot Officer K WBritish219Killed*
Worthington Flying Officer A SBritish219
Wotton Sergeant H JBritish234Killed
Wright(FAA) Lieutenant A JBritish804
Wright Sergeant BBritish92
Wright Flight Lieutenant A RBritish92
Wright Sergeant E WBritish605
Wright Sergeant JBritish79Killed*
Wright Sergeant D LBritish235Killed
Wright Pilot Officer WBritish604Killed
Wright Sergeant R RBritish248
Wroblewski Pilot Officer Z T APolish302
Wunsche Flight Sergeant KPolish303
Wyate Sergeant J PBritish25Killed*
Wyatt-Smith Pilot Officer PBritish263Killed
Wydrowski Pilot Officer Polish607
Wynn Pilot Officer R E N EBritish249Killed
Yapp D S British253-245
Yates Sergeant T MBritish64
Yates Sergeant GBritish248
Yates Sergeant WBritish604
York Sergeant R LBritish610Killed
Young Pilot Officer C RBritish615-607-46Killed
Young Pilot Officer M HBritish254
Young Sergeant R B MNew Zealander264Killed*
Young Sergeant R CBritish23
Young Flying Officer J R CBritish249
Young Pilot Officer J H RBritish74Killed*
Young Pilot Officer J SBritish234
Yuile Flying Officer ACanadian1(Can)(401)
Yule Pilot Officer R DBritish145Killed
Zak Pilot Officer WPolish303
Zaluski Sergeant JPolish302Killed*
Zadral Pilot Officer VCzechoslovakian310Killed
Zavoral Sergeant ACzechoslavakian1Killed
Zenker Pilot Officer PPolish501Killed*
Zima Sergeant RCzechoslavakian310
Zimprich Pilot Officer SCzechoslovakian310Killed
Zukowski Pilot Officer APolish302Killed*
Zumbach Pilot Officer JPolish303
Zurakowski Pilot Officer JPolish234-609