Shipping in Straits attacked.

Night: Minelaying between the Wash and the Tay.

Weather: Temperatures high. Fine weather with slight haze in the Channel.

Main Activity:

At 0800 hours, a formation of Ju 88 bombers was despatched to attack a convoy sailing between Hastings and the North Foreland. Four RAF squadrons were scrambled to intercept including Spitfires of No. 65 Squadron, which engaged five Bf 109s of I/JG 54 north of Calais. In the ensuing dogfight, two Bf 109s and a Spitfire were damaged.

At 0830 hours, Spitfires of No. 64 Squadron were bounced by Bf 109s of JG 54 over the Kent coastline. One Spitfire was shot down and another force-landed at Hawkinge. One Bf 109 was also shot down and another returned to France damaged.

Around 1400 hours, Hurricanes of No. 151 Squadron along with Spitfires of No. 41 Squadron encountered a formation of Ju 88 bombers, escorted by Bf 109s of JG 51, over the Channel, off Cap Gris Nez. One Bf 109 was shot down in the resulting action.

German Losses
Airmen: 17 | Aircraft: 8

British Losses
Airmen: 1 | Aircraft: 2

Spitfire L1029, No. 64 Squadron. Aircraft lost.
Sgt L.R. Isaac. Missing. Presumed shot down by Bf 109 over Channel. Failed to return to base.

Photo Description:

  1. Three Spitfire Mk Is (including R6712, YT-N, and R6714, YT-M) of No. 65 Squadron, taking off from Hornchurch, August 1940. © IWM (HU 54421)