Shipping attacked off Dover and south coast ports.

Night: Minelaying from Thames Estuary to Humber. Scattered raiders over England and Wales.

Weather: Fine early. Fair for the rest of the day, clouding over in the evening.

Main Activity:

At 1335 hours, a large raid was detected crossing the Dover Straits. Twenty-four Spitfires of Nos. 74 and 41 Squadrons were scrambled along with Hurricanes of Nos. 257 and 111 Squadrons. The enemy bombers flew off towards the south east without attacking any targets while the escorting Bf 109s, drawn from III/JG 26 and JG 51, were engaged by the Spitfires. One Bf 109 was shot down and two others damaged, force-landing on return. Three Spitfires and a Hurricane were also lost. Following the combat, two He 59 air-sea rescue aircraft were spotted and destroyed by Hurricanes of No. 111 Squadron.

German Losses
Airmen: 14 | Aircraft: 11

British Losses
Airmen: 1 | Aircraft: 6

Spitfire P9547, No. 74 Squadron. Aircraft lost.
P/O J.H.R.Young. Killed. Shot down by Bf 109 near Goodwin Sands.

Photo Descriptions:

  1. Acting F/L Adolph G “Sailor” Malan of No. 74 Squadron RAF poses besides Spitfire Mk I ZP-A at RAF Hornchurch. On 28 July 1940, Malan found himself in combat with Major Werner Mölders of JG 51 over Dover. Mölders was wounded and crash-landed in France.
  2. Bristol Blenheim Mk IVs of No. 40 Squadron at Wyton, July 1940.