Raids over Kent, London suburbs and Weymouth.

Night: London, Manchester and fifteen airfields attacked.

Weather: Showery with bright intervals. Haze in the Thames Estuary and East Anglia.

Main Activity:

Having failed to get through en masse the Luftwaffe was now infiltrating in continuous streams. These tactics were difficult to combat and the decrease in the rate of German loss was worrying Fighter Command.

In the course of 754 sorties the RAF lost five machines, against the Luftwaffe’s four.

Manchester, London and Liverpool were again assailed, and following up on Göring’s directive, fifteen RAF airfields were bombed.

Excerpt from The Narrow Margin by Derek Wood & Derek Dempster

German Losses
Airmen: 13 | Aircraft: 12

British Losses
Airmen: 6 | Aircraft: 8

Hurricane P3421, No. 56 Squadron
Sgt. J. Hlavac killed. Shot down in combat with Bf 109s over Wareham.

Spitfire X4038, No. 92 Squadron
P/O D.G. Williams killed. Mid-air collision during attack on a Do 17 over Tangmere.

Spitfire R6616, No. 92 Squadron
F/O J.F. Drummond killed. Mid-air collision during attack on a Do 17 over Tangmere. Pilot baled out, wounded in an arm and a leg, but was too low.

Hurricane V7537, No. 249 Squadron
Sgt. E.A. Bayley killed. Aircraft crashed at Shades House, Cooling Marsh during routine patrol. Believed due to oxygen failure.

Hurricane L1928, No. 253 Squadron
Sgt. H.H. Allgood killed. Aircraft crashed into houses at Albion Place, Maidstone. Cause unknown.

Hurricane L1547, No. 312 Squadron
Sgt. O. Hanzlicek killed. Aircraft caught fire during routine patrol, cause unknown. Pilot baled out into river at Oglett.

Photo Description:

  1. Soldiers collecting for the Spitfire Fund use the fuselage of a Heinkel He 111H-3 bomber (W.Nr 3233 V4+KL) of 3./KG 1 as a focus of interest for locals outside the Half Moon Pub in Hildenborough, Kent on 10 October 1940. The aircraft crash-landed in a field near the village on 11 September after being hit by anti-aircraft fire over London and attacked by three Hawker Hurricanes.