East coast shipping raided.

Night: Minelaying from Dover to the Tyne and Forth Estuary.

Weather: Slight haze in the Straits of Dover. Cloudy with occasional rain in other districts.

Main Activity:

At 1540 hours, three Spitfires of No. 603 Squadron intercepted and shot down a Do 17 of 3./KG 3 in a raid near Kinnaird’s Head.

German Losses
Airmen: 10 | Aircraft: 6

British Losses
Airmen: 0 | Aircraft: 2

Photo Descriptions:

  1. A Dornier Do 17Z (5K+EA) of Stab/KG 3 in France, 1940. Bundesarchiv, Bild 101I-345-0784-14A / Gentsch / CC-BY-SA 3.0.
  2. Hawker Hurricane Mark Is of No 17 Squadron taxiing at Debden, July 1940. The foreground aircraft with fuselage codes YB-C is that of the CO, Squadron Leader Harold ‘Birdy’ Bird-Wilson, who was shot down on 24 September flying P3878 YB-W. © IWM (HU 54517)