Nuisance raids on a reduced scale.

Night: Activity reduced.

Weather: Low cloud and continuous drizzle in all regions.

Main Activity:

It was not until 11.30 a.m. that the first plots began to appear on the operations rooms tables. They were comparatively small. At midday eighty raiders flew into the Estuary and at 12.15 two waves of fifty and sixty machines penetrated via Dymchurch. Ten RAF squadrons were on patrol at the time, and of these six sighted the raiders. No. 81 Squadron shot down two of them.

Luftflotte 3 fighters were responsible for the next flurry of activity when they despatched a succession of raids totalling 130 machines. These started to cross the coast at 4.15 p.m. and some reached London.

Excerpt from The Narrow Margin by Derek Wood & Derek Dempster

German Losses
Airmen: 3 | Aircraft: 8

British Losses
Airmen: 9 | Aircraft: 9

Blenheim L6721, No. 1 Squadron
Crashed at Orchard Way Road, South Berstead having suffered R/T failure in deteriorating weather conditions following routine night patrol.
F/O H.J. Woodward killed.
P/O A.A. Atkinson killed.
Sgt. H.T. Perry killed.

Spitfire P7375, No. 41 Squadron
Sgt. L.A. Garvey killed. Shot down in combat with Bf 109s over Ashford.

Beaufighter R2065, No. 219 Squadron
Hit trees trying to locate base in bad visibility. Crashed and exploded 150yds south of Balcombe Place.
P/O K.W. Worsdell killed.
Sgt. E.C. Gardiner killed.

Spitfire N3119, No. 222 Squadron
P/O A.E. Davis killed. Wing shot off during combat with Bf 109s.

Spitfire K9939, No. 222 Squadron
P/O H.P.M. Edridge died of injuries . Aircraft severely damaged in combat with Bf 109s. Crashed in flames attempting to land at Longwood Farm, Ewhurst.

Hurricane V7536, No. 249 Squadron
P/O W.H. Millington missing. Failed to return from sporadic action with enemy fighters over the Channel.

Photo Descriptions:

  1. A group of pilots of No. 1 Squadron RCAF, gather round one of their Hawker Hurricane Mark Is at Prestwick, Scotland, 30 October 1940. The Squadron Commanding Officer, Squadron Leader E A McNab, stands fifth from the right, wearing a forage cap. During the 53 days it participated in the battle, the squadron shot down 29 enemy aircraft, probably destroyed eight, and damaged 35. © IWM (CH 1733)