Convoys off shipping at Dover attacked.

Night: Widespread minelaying from the Needles, Isle of Wight, to Land’s End; Bristol Channel and eastern coastal waters.

Weather: Occasional thunderstorms. Straits of Dover cloudy clearing to bright intervals.

Main Activity:

Around 1300 hours, nine Ju 87 Stuka dive-bombers from III/StG 2, escorted by seventeen Bf 109s from I/JG 27, were despatched to attack the convoy codenamed BOSOM off Swanage. They were met by three Hurricanes from No. 238 Squadron and three Spitfires from No. 152 Squadron. In the ensuing combat, two Bf 109s from 3./JG 27 were shot down for the loss of two British fighters. No ships were sunk.

At 1600 hours, twelve Hurricanes of No. 501 Squadron were despatched to the same area, meeting a number of Bf 109s from 1./JG 27. Both sides lost an aircraft during the engagement.

At 1740 hours, Ju 87 Stukas of II/StG 1, escorted by Bf 110s from 2./ErprGr 210 and Bf 109s from JG 51, approached BOSOM off Dover. They were intercepted by Hurricanes and Spitfires from Nos. 32, 65, and 610 Squadrons. Two Bf 109s were shot down and four Stukas were badly damaged with two crash-landing in France. Two Hurricanes and a Spitfire were also lost. The steamer Pulborough (860-tons) was sunk and the British destroyer HMS Brazen was badly damaged.

German Losses
Airmen: 18 | Aircraft: 12

British Losses
Airmen: 7 | Aircraft: 9

Hurricane P3766, No. 238 Squadron. Aircraft lost at sea.
Sgt C. Parkinson. Died of injuries the next day. Baled out after being shot down by Bf 109. Rescued by ship.

Hurricane P3082, No. 501 Squadron. Aircraft lost at sea.
P/O E.J.H. Sylvester. Certified as missing. Damaged by Bf 109 off Cherbourg, crashed approaching coast.

Spitfire K9880, No. 152 Squadron. Aircraft lost at sea.
P/O N.H. Posener. Certified as missing. Crashed into Channel after being hit by gunfire from Bf 109.

Hurricane N2670, No. 32 Squadron. Aircraft lost at sea.
Sub/Lt G.G.R. Bulmer. Certified as missing. Hit by gunfire from Bf 109 and crashed into Channel.

Hurricane P3964, No. 43 Squadron. Aircraft lost at sea.
F/O J.F.J. Haworth. Certified as missing. Shot down while investigating E/A, baled out over Channel.

Blenheim L1300, No. 236 Squadron. Aircraft lost at sea.
Sgt E.E. Lockton and Sgt H. Corcoran. Certified as missing. Shot down by Bf 109 during escort mission. Crashed into Channel.

Hurricane P2917, No. 263 Squadron. Aircraft destroyed.
P/O A.R. Downer. Died of injuries the next day. Crashed while making a forced landing at base.

Photo Descriptions:

  1. A Junkers Ju 87 B-2 Stuka lucky to make it back to France lies in soft sand, 1940.
  2. RAF personnel inspecting the burnt-out wreckage of a Junkers Ju 88 reconnaissance aircraft of 4.(F)/122 on Cockett Wick Farm, St Osyth near Clacton-on-Sea in Essex. The aircraft was shot down on 20 July 1940 by No. 56 Squadron Hurricanes. © IWM (HU 89068)
  3. Flying from RAF Tangmere, Hurricane P3784 FT-U force-landed at Amberley in Sussex, when Sgt Herbert JL “Jim” Hallowes of No. 43 Squadron experienced engine problems during an early morning patrol on 20 July 1940.