Raids on convoys in Channel and Straits of Dover.

Night: Targets chiefly at Merseyside.

Weather: Fine and fair early, clouding over during the morning. Fair in the evening.

Main Activity:

At 1005 hours, a section of Hurricanes from No. 238 Squadron intercepted and shot down a reconnaissance Bf 110 from 4.(F)/14, which had penetrated inland over the south coast. The German aircraft shot down a Fairey Battle trainer near Stockbridge and a Hawker Hart biplane of 1 FTS, based at Old Sarum aerodrome.

At 1458 hours, Do 17s from KG 3, escorted by Bf 109s of JG 27 and Bf 110 fighter-bombers of V/LG 1, approached the convoy codenamed PEEWIT south of the Needles. Hurricanes from No. 43 Squadron were scrambled to intercept. In the resulting action, a Bf 109 and a Hurricane were destroyed in a collision. The Do 17s dropped their bombs without result and turned back for France, at which point Hurricanes of No. 238 Squadron arrived and engaged the Bf 110s dive-bombing the convoy. One Bf 110 was severely damaged and crash-landed at Theville.

German Losses
Airmen: 19 | Aircraft: 12

British Losses
Airmen: 2 | Aircraft: 2

Hurricane P3973, No. 43 Squadron. Aircraft destroyed.
P/O R.A. DeMancha. Certified as missing. Collided with Bf 109 and crashed into Channel.

Photo Descriptions:

  1. A Dornier Do 17Z bomber of Kampfgeschwader 3, 1940. Bundesarchiv, Bild 101I-343-0679-06A / Gentsch / CC-BY-SA 3.0.
  2. Messerschmitt Bf 110 C-5 (W.Nr. 2177) of the reconnaissance unit 4.(F)/14 (5F+CM). This aircraft was shot down by Red Section of No. 238 Squadron on 21 July 1940 at Goodwood. The pilot, Oblt. Friedrich Karl Runde managed to put it down in relatively good condition. It was repaired at Royal Aircraft Establishment at Farnborough with parts from Me 110 2N+EP of 9./ZG76 (Oblt. Gerhard Kadow) that was shot down near Wareham on 11 July 1940. It was flown for the first time again on 15 February 1941. Later it was tested at RAE Duxford, painted in RAF colours (RAF serial AX772). It was assigned to No. 1426 Squadron after the end of the trials. Stored in November 1945, it was scrapped in November 1947.
  3. P/O John S Wigglesworth of No. 238 Squadron RAF perks up in Hurricane Mk I VK-I at RAF Middle Wallop. The 19-year-old pilot shared in the destruction of a Do 17 and a Bf 110 on 21 July 1940.