Raids on convoys off Orfordness, Clacton and Harwich.

Night: South Wales and midlands.

Weather: Unsettled, with drizzle and low cloud.

Main Activity:

At 1212 hours, three Spitfires from No. 603 Squadron shot down an He 111 of 8./KG 26 south-west of Montrose. Two of the Spitfires were damaged by return fire but were able to get back to Montrose safely.

At 1532 hours, three Hurricanes from No. 85 Squadron intercepted and shot down a Bf 110 fighter-bomber of 1./ErprGr. 210 attempting to bomb a convoy off Harwich.

German Losses
Airmen: 21 | Aircraft: 9

British Losses
Airmen: 0 | Aircraft: 1

Photo Description:

  1. Pilots of No. 85 Squadron seen running to their aircraft. © IWM (HU 49253)
  2. Hawker Hurricane Mk I flown by Sgt G ‘Sammy’ Allard of No. 85 Squadron, July 1940. © IWM (HU 104491)