Widespread attacks on shipping in south, south-east and south-west coastal waters. Dover balloon barrage.

Night: South Wales and Thames raided.

Weather: Fair all over the country with temperatures slightly above average. Channel and Straits hazy.

Main Activity:

Shortly before 0730 hours, three Hurricanes from No. 111 Squadron intercepted and damaged a Ju 88 from III/KG 76, 15 miles south of Dungeness.

At 1600 hours, twelve Spitfires of No. 74 Squadron engaged Bf 109s of II/JG 2 attacking the Dover balloon barrage. One flight of Spitfires was bounced by Bf 109s from 4./JG 51 and lost two aircraft. One Bf 109 was damaged and crash-landed at Fécamp.

German Losses
Airmen: 6 | Aircraft: 7

British Losses
Airmen: 5 | Aircraft: 7

Spitfire P9398, No. 74 Squadron. Aircraft lost.
Sgt F.W. Eley. Killed. Shot down off Folkestone by Bf 109.

Spitfire P9379, No. 74 Squadron. Aircraft lost.
P/O H.R. Gunn. Killed. Shot down off Folkestone by Bf 109.

Photo Descriptions:

  1. Pilots of No. 32 Squadron RAF leave their aircraft after a sortie from RAF Hawkinge on 31 July 1940.
  2. Convoy protection. Sunderland L2163/DA-G, one of a pair from No 210 Squadron, over convoy TC6 carrying Canadian troops to Britain, 31 July 1940. The convoy had left Halifax, Nova Scotia, on 23 July and was due to arrive at Greenock on 1 August. The vessel in the background which the censor has circled for blocking out is the H Class Destroyer HMS HIGHLANDER. © IWM (CH 825)